Are You More Of A Talker Or Listener?

Are You More Of A Talker Or Listener?

My stance can help you decide whether you're a talker or listener in any conversation!

It has been a crazy week for me here at Texas Tech University. I've had two exams this week and had to do lots of reading along with studying! I woke up this morning with the inspiration to talk about/evaluate on whether I am a talker or listener in a conversation. Maybe this will help you come to a conclusion with what you fall more under in a conversation!

Ever since I can remember, I've always personally been a listener in almost every conversation UNLESS someone is consistently asking me questions. I have always been the person that everyone likes to vent to. If you are the same way, do you ever wonder why you've always been the one everyone likes to talk to so much? Maybe it is because we are good listeners when it comes to body language or even because we are easy to approach. I always tend to maintain eye contact, nod my head, and show deep interest in every conversation just because I love communicating. No wonder I'm communications major!

You're probably wondering, "How about you Delaney? Do you vent? Who do you rant to?" Great question. The only two people I can handle myself ranting to are my loving parents. I personally hate ranting on and on to my friends or other family members because I feel like it can be stressful for them to take in so much information all at once. My parents do not count in this case. They know everything about me already so it is only my duty to vent to them even more. I don't think they mind, well, I hope they don't mind.

The whole process of one exchanging thoughts and feelings with one another is so amazing to me. I am a social bug so I thrive off of conversations, even if I only get a few words in! During a conversation, I open myself up to listen to what the other person has to say first and foremost. You never know how desperate the other person is to tell someone else something they might've been holding in all day.

Putting others before myself has always been one of my biggest flaws. I use it to my advantage though because being a listener to someone else can mean so much to the other person. I could sit and listen to a friend talk for hours and the least I can do is give them my support and advice by being a steady listener.

Let's talk about YOU now. Would you classify yourself more as a listener or a talker? Do you approach another person first with the summary of your day or do you wait for your friend to call you about their hectic life? Is it hard for you to tell someone your problems or about your day or is it a stress reliever for you? Everyone is different and there is not anything right or wrong about these positions in a conversation.

I hope this weeks article got you thinking about your stance in a conversation. It is essential to be aware of these kinds of things and if you are uncomfortable about what side of the spectrum you're on, change it! If you're a talker, try to take a breather, and listen to someone else talk about whatever they want! If you're a listener, try to open up. Ask the other person in the conversation if you can share a story with them and then go from there. You can do it! I'll try to do the same.

Have a great week everybody!

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