Hard times come and go, but why am I caught up in so many hard times? As a college student, it can be difficult to balance so many things but somehow we all seem to get through. But what if we can't?

Lord, are you hearing my prayers?

What is believing? From what I can tell you and my personal experience; believing is understanding, having patience, seeking guidance, and wanting our lives to be lead by God.

At the beginning of my college journey, I started to find myself in ways I could never imagine. I was the happiest I had ever been, making new friends, enjoying being on my own, and finding my new relationship with God.

Being on my own truly lead me to become very dependant on Him within my everyday life. I sought Him for help in many different ways. Whether it was with friendships, big decisions, missing my family or needing guidance, I found comfort in Him being by my side. He taught me how to think more about others. I started praying for people I didn't even know. I felt like he encouraged me to send my love to others in any way possible. I started attending a college ministry and looking forward to every Thursday. I wanted that time to get away from school and sing in His name.

I am beyond thankful that I have started my journey with God independently. When I say independently, I don't mean alone. There have been many people who have pushed me to have the relationship with Him that I do. What I mean, is that I am here as a student, no longer with my family and seeking my own relationship.

Each year, month, day, minute and second can bring on new high's and low's as well as challenges that sometimes cannot be fixed alone. I know I am not alone for saying this, but sometimes I wonder if my prayers are being heard. This past semester has been more of a difficult ride. I feel silly typing that out because I know that He is up there with a plan.

But my question is why now? When can I receive word on help? What steps can I do to change things up?

I know as someone who follows the word of God, patience is key and He is working in ways that we do not understand, at least that is what I have heard.

Every time tragedy has happened or a bad day has come around, my mom has always said, "Everything happens for a reason" or "He has a plan."

But when? When will I know this craziness of a life has a reason and a plan? How do we know we are on track even though we are having bad days? These are frequent questions I have.

It can be very easy to fake happiness. Something I have always put pride in about myself is being happy or finding happiness in any type of situation. Lately, I want happiness through God, but I have so many unanswered questions that are leaving me feeling lost and confused.

I know He is hearing my prayers but when will they be answered?