Are You A Member Of The Lonely Ghost Club?
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Are You A Member Of The Lonely Ghost Club?

The Queen did it again.

Are You A Member Of The Lonely Ghost Club?

If you're anything like me (and the 229 thousand others), you've spent years idealizing Indy Severe, otherwise known as Indy Blue or @indyblue_. She's basically everything you aspire to be; a videographer, traveller, blogger, and just overall amazing human being. Her and her group of friends go on countless trips together and have made a name for themselves in a non-traditional way. She didn't go to college, and yet is still making it more than some of us ever will. I could go on and on about how amazing she is, but that isn't what this article is about.

What we're really here to talk about is her new label, The Lonely Ghost Club. It was always a dream of Indy to create her own fashion line, and now she has and we are all here for it. It began as Indy the Label a couple of months back and is quickly making a name for itself. Now transitioning into The Lonely Ghost Club, their first major drop is tomorrow, October 1st. She wanted to create a kind of 'exclusivity' by only dropping one item a month, and never dropping it again. A few of her items have re-appeared, like the inhaler necklace, but most is sold out within the day it drops unfortunately for us.

Indy and her designers (one of them is also named Indy) have dropped everything from jewellery, sweatpants, hoodies, crewnecks, and even masks. They also have really cute wallpapers on their Instagram page ( This brand is both quirky and original, the perfect combination for today's youth. However, something came out of this brand that I don't think anyone was expecting, and I think it's the best thing about it.

On a whim, Indy decided to create a Facebook group page for her followers, now known as Ghost Gang. She posted the link on her Instagram one day as a way to create a space where kids like her could communicate and collaborate whether it be on trips, photography, videos, art, or even just general life advice. I joined in the beginning and it started out really small. Now? There are almost 9,000 members. This group went from being a small idea to an incredible one. Not only did it bring like-minded people together, but it formed lifelong friendships. It began as a small girl gang and has now expanded to both girls and guys, all travelling and supporting each other.

The group has formed book clubs, pen-pals, small businesses, photoshoots, and everything in between. It's a place radiating positivity and support and has truly transformed into what the internet should be used for. So if you're looking to support someone who has great fashion taste, music taste, and killer ideas, be sure to buy something off the first drop of LG.

In Indy's words, set your alarms, save ur $$$, don't forget, tell someone u love them, and have a good night.

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