Are Our Apps Wasting Our Time?

Are Our Apps Wasting Our Time?

Not only do they take up your phone storage but they also take up your time.

At least five times a day, I get a notification on my phone telling me that I have very low storage. Most of the time, I just want to throw the device against the wall. But what I end up doing is either ignoring it or doing what Apple calls “managing my storage.” As I manage the storage of my phone, I am able to see what is taking up most of the space and, I have to say, a good amount of it is apps.

But what exactly is an “app” and what is the purpose of downloading them? Also known as applications, they range from social media, like Facebook or Instagram, to news sources, to productivity. Since everything a person might need is practically in all of these apps, the idea of an app is that they are helpful tools that make our lives easier and save us time.

The real question is whether these apps are useful or just deceiving and actually a huge waste of time.

Let’s take a look at social media apps. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, sure make it a lot easier for users to check their respective accounts and be constantly connected to their social world, something that wasn’t possible when smartphones weren’t yet created. However, I think that social media apps are the biggest waste of time that there is. Most of the apps on my phone are social media apps. I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tumblr.

My account for each of these platforms is always connected through their apps, which means that there is never a moment that I am logged out of my social media platforms. Yes, this makes my social life a whole lot easier. I get to check all my notifications the moment I receive them. But is it really making my life easier when I am constantly connected? There never is a moment that I can back away and concentrate on one specific thing.

The apps keep me connected, but also distract me from more productive things I could be doing.

Apps that provide news, such as newspapers or magazines, can be a little bit more constructive. Before one would have to buy a newspaper or search online for the news source. Yet now with apps people are able to receive news notifications the minute the news breaks.

One of the biggest category in the app store is “productivity.” These applications are designed to make the user’s life easier in terms of their work or school life, or really any aspect of their life they want to keep organized.

Most of these apps consist of to do lists, emails, virtual notebooks, calendars, and other organizational tools. There is even an app that through algorithms learns your behavior and smartly suggests different ways that you could get things done.

I love the idea of these types of apps, but I always download them, use them for maybe two or three days, and then completely forget I downloaded them.

Call me old school but I am still the type of person who likes to have an actual physical planner and a piece of paper and pen to write my to-do list on. I think that in the time you take to download the app and update all your information into it, you could already have written down all your tasks in your calendar or to-do list. But that’s my personal preference. I do see how these apps can help people stay organized with all the different options they might offer.

So, are applications beneficial or a waste a time? I am not quite sure. Apps can be very useful and productive, but it mainly depends on how and for what the individual uses the application. An app can be designed with the purpose of making the user’s life simpler, but in reality it could just take away from their time, whereas someone else might be able to make the most of their time with the same application. Because I believe that smartphones themselves are highly distracting, it is hard for any application on a smartphone to be non-distracting. It all depends on personal preference and how people use their applications for productivity without letting other factors of the phone waste their time.

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3 Things That Need To Change In The Game 'Rust'

Maybe I'm just too salty... but I really think these would be good changes.

I don’t know why, but unfinished video games are all the craze right now. I think it all started with Minecraft becoming the major success it is well before version 1 was released, and many other games have followed suit, including "Rust."

Let me give a quick rundown of what an unfinished game is as it might be a confusing term. It’s when a game is released to the public to be played, but it is still in development in terms of updates happening to it and overall gameplay.

There are different stages of completion and different developers will call them different things. A common description though is using Alpha, Beta, and Full. As of January 2018, "Rust" is still in the Alpha stage. "Rust" was originally released through Steam’s Early Access Program in December of 2013.

That’s over four years of being in Alpha. Seems a bit excessive, but hey, I’m sure the devs are doing all they can to move along.

I’ve been playing "Rust" for about two years and have seen a lot of change happen to the gameplay. "Rust" started as a zombie survival game but early on cut the zombie theme in favor of just being a wilderness survival-based game.

You start with nothing but a rock and torch. From there, you gather items and recourses to craft weapons, clothes, buildings, traps, and loot rooms. You want to build your base strong to protect against raiders — other players who make it their goal to take your supplies, your weapons, or even your base.

It’s a great game and I really enjoy playing it. But in the last few months, the devs have made some changes, and I don’t know if they’re for the better.

Now, I don’t know why the devs did what they did. Maybe I’m just salty from having played so long before the changes and I need time to adapt. Oh well.

Here are three things that I think should be changed in future updates.

1. Get rid of blueprints.

Blueprints are something you need to have in order to build better items. Once you have a blueprint, you can learn it. The problem I have with this is the time it takes to get blueprints. On a vanilla server, the time it takes to gather resources was already long, but now it has easily been tripled.

2. Lower the building decay rate.

I like the idea of a decay rate for buildings, but it’s too high right now. You can stop decay by having enough building materials within your base, but the time that it takes to farm those supplies limits the time you spend exploring or finding other players.

3. Bring back the LR-300 as a craftable item.

The LR-300 is the best rifle in the game. It used to be a craftable item but was moved to being a loot item from airdrops some time ago. If the devs keep the game the way it is with blueprints, the ability to learn an LR blueprint should be a thing.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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5 Necessary College Student Survival Apps

If you're one of those people who NEVER has storage space on your phone, maybe you should consider making sure you have enough space for these 'must need' apps.

If you're one of those people who NEVER has storage space on your phone, maybe you should consider making sure you have enough space for these 'must need' apps every college student should have. Oh yes, they are lifesavers and you will learn that quite soon.

1. Outlook/Yahoo/Gmail

The moment you realize you're a full-fledged college student turning into an adult is the moment you're at a social event checking your email back to back. Yeah, it seems a bit sad, BUT not having your priorities straight is going to hurt you way more than missing that drunken guy make a fool out of himself in the corner. After all, you are at school to study (well most of us lol).

2. Blackboard

If you're not checking your blackboard please check yourself. Professors may not use it all the time, but trust me it is a great resource for some courses you will take in your college career. Also, GRADES ARE POSTED HERE! If you don't care about that GPA then go the other way!

3. GroupMe

CLUBS! The places where you meet people and no, I'm not talking about the music bumping kind, but the extracurricular one. You'll need this to communicate with your peers effectively.

I know you're wondering why iMessage won't work, but put your Android and Samsung biases aside and give GroupMe a chance.

4. Uber

Now we've all been in a position where we've been stuck at a place without a ride home, missed the last bus, or the metro is just on its utter bull crap, but no worries Uber is always to the rescue. You can get safe rides anywhere you want especially when that taxi fare isn't looking too nice.

5. Netflix

Stop thinking what you're thinking ya nasty. You need this app for movie nights with friends and to binge watch the best new shows out. This is definitely a great stress reliever from all of those academics. (Bonus: Some of the documentaries are beneficial to certain courses and are for sure worth the watch).

Cover Image Credit: Via Pexels

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