My generation is constantly framed as an obsessive, entitled, unappreciative and spoiled group by older generations, which (at times) we are; but weren’t we all? This moment, right now, society is at its peak socially, technologically , environmentally and creatively. And now the moments over and thousands of changes have just occurred, advancing us even further into the next “peak”.

What I’ve realized, as a current millennial and member of this current “disruptive” generation, is that the hate will stop once we enter true adulthood. Once my generation reaches their 30’s and 40’s, we will be blaming the next generation on the downfall of our society; or the “next” diamond industry. I mean, it's already happening. Take the whole "Tide Pod Challenge", (which is literally one of the dumbest challenges ever created) it's already being blamed on millennials AND Generation Z. I mean, Millennials, we're basically almost in the clear.

I believe that older generations aren’t really pissed at my generation for being social media obsessed or for “killing the napkin industry”. I believe that the older generations are upset about the way we get to experience our young adulthood.

As I said before, we are currently at our peak, and we are experiencing the best of the best our world has to offer right now, in our twenties. The peak that older generations were able to experience in their twenties is something just as wonderful, but absolutely different than ours.

My biggest pet peeves with what older generations have to say about my generation, is that we’re ruining their perceived ways of living. Truly, we are just beginning ours, and we’re trying to experiencing it the best we can.