Arrested Development In April
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Arrested Development In April

How this show captures a student's life in April

Arrested Development In April

It's April. Any college student knows what that means. It means no more sleep, more stress, and more work than you thought possible. April is when professors panic that the semester is ending. My best analogy is when you need to take out the trash but you know you can fit more in, so you use your foot to smoosh it down and throw more stuff in. Our brains are the trash can and the professors are (metaphorically) using their foots to smoosh more knowledge in our brains. Technically, they should just stop but they know they can fit more in there with some squishing. April is when you only have a few weeks to get two months worth of work done. You know you can make it somehow, but some nights you do have moments of despair. If you're running from responsibility, then welcome and here are some moments from Arrested Development to let you know that you're not the only one, because let's face it. As students in April, at one point or another, we all find ourselves as cases of arrested development.

1. Sometimes you just want to cry while your professors are talking, just to let them know where you're at...

2. It's funny how professors expect you to know what you talked about at the beginning of the semester... Why aren't finals optional?

3. While I don't drink, April would be the one month to drive anyone to it...

4. By now the caf has become despicable to your tongue and you'll go anywhere for anything else...

5. Sometimes the best defense for April might be none...

6. Your brain feels like mush and listening to your peers in class can be both inspiring and depressing

7. Professors should make April the most softly graded month of them all, not the hardest! Spring semester grades can make you question what you're even doing with your life...

8. When professors make horrible jokes in class but you need them to like you..

9. Meditating in April is not a good idea. You just have to put your head down and charge through the month.

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10. Student's thoughts while taking finals should be televised, things like, "if I faked a heart attack right now, could I get enough sympathy to get out of taking this?"

11. You've gotten to the point where, if you remember to put on pants, you feel accomplished for the day. You don't have time for those girls who still do things like makeup and make you feel bad about yourself.

12. April = I just don't care anymore

13. Food easily becomes both a comfort and a distraction

14. When you write out everything you have to get done during the weekend alone...

15. Sometimes you take a break and procrastinate, look up 2 hours later and realize you still got nothing magically done...

16. Your mind becomes a weird place with no sleep and ll the stress... Singing your favorite song might help?

17. Try as you might, (eating horrible, never sleeping, and falling down everywhere) you just can't seem to die...

18. Your social life, while potentially great, practically must die

19. The only way to survive April is to find your reassuring mantra...

20. Finally, find your chicken dance! If you get to stressed out, do a chicken dance and I bet you'll laugh, and laughing can reduce stress, hopefully ending your own Arrested Development!

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