I’m Trying To Appreciate What I Have While I Have It

Okay look, here's the thing. I seriously think about this every single year: Why is it that near the middle of the semester I cannot wait for it to be summer, but then in the middle of each summer, I cannot wait to be back in school again? I'm not kidding, it happens every single year. Is this because we as humans just always want what we can't have? I do not know. And this is just one example of it.

Something I am trying to work on a little bit, though, is being more present at the moment. Obviously, it is okay to be excited for the future or whatever else, but I am so over wasting my days away.

I think as I am growing older, it seems like time is going by faster. Is that even possible? My Dad used to tell me that all the time when I was in high school: "As you get older, time goes faster".

All the time. And I sort of just brushed it off and thought of it as just some cliche saying. But it really seems like he was definitely right, and I keep understanding more and more just what he meant.

Because of that, it is making me realize I need to value and appreciate things more. People, relationships, experiences, time with myself, you name it.

I can't imagine any human will ever fully be able to stop themselves from hoping for the future or something exciting, but it is worth it to try to at least slow down a little bit.

I've gotta be honest, I have never really been a "New Years resolution" type of person, at all, but since I decided to start doing this more a few months ago, things are so much more enjoyable to me. It is so easy to get caught up in wishing for something else, but it is a complete waste of time.

Like, the biggest waste of time possible.

I think it is so important to live in the moment, as cliche as that sounds. We have to enjoy the time we have or we are going to look back one day and realize time completely got away from us while we wish for it back. That Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This" could not possibly be more accurate. Time to go listen to it.

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