It's the early morning nip in the air that reminds you of a summer camp morning. It's the smell of fresh-cut grass. It's that little something extra in that extravagant dish you just took a bite of for the first time. This may sound like the beginning of a corny book or movie, but it's not. It's the beginning of me telling you to enjoy the little things in life.

So many people just blankly walk through life— not paying attention to anything other than what they have to go and do next— when, all around them, there are all these amazing sights, sounds, and smells going on.

It boils (upcoming pun) down to something so simple as taking your time to enjoy and ponder a meal. Actually break down the different flavors. See if you can name what's in the dish and what makes it up. Even in a meal as simple as barbecue, notice that raspberry habanero glaze on your ribs and its rub with the paprika and cayenne. Notice the subtle smoke of the cherry wood that it was cooked with and enjoy it.

Do you remember the old saying, "Take a moment and smell the roses"? As corny as it may seem, it can improve your view on things. It's not actually saying to go to a rose bush, stick your head in, and take a big whiff. If you do that, you have other problems...It's saying to take your time, slow down, and enjoy the sun on your face. Appreciate the smells of the wind and enjoy the music provided by the students around the fine arts buildings.

Every so often, there are little things. You may not even notice them, like having a conversation with your best friend and appreciating the little flourishes and nuances in his or her voice. It's the things that make you laugh, the way people move, those out of the ordinary smells, the most delicate tastes, the way things feel. It’s the little things that make you happy, whether you know it or not.

Now, bear with me, I have to be corny really quickly...again.

Whether you're running to a business meeting or going on a walk in the middle of the night across campus, sitting with a group of friends at a restaurant or studying in a library, slow down. Take notice of the finer details and appreciate the little things.