5 Things To Appreciate In The Spring

After a seemingly extra long winter, Spring is finally around the corner. The world is blooming around us, and there are a lot of things to appreciate about the wonders of Spring. Here are a few:

1. Sunshine

You can finally crawl out from under the covers and go outside. The winter blues are nearing an end and the sun is finally out again!

2. Flowers

The sweet smell, the colors, and the joy that comes every time you see them! Especially the tulips in full bloom.

3. Reading outside

The weather is so nice, you just have to grab a blanket, sit in the sun, and enjoy a nice book.

4. Going to the park

Nice weather means hiking, swinging, walking, riding bikes, and everything else! Summer is too hot, but the Spring weather is perfect for being outside.

5. Sitting outside at restaurants

Enjoying the breeze, eating lunch, and sipping lemonade. Its the dream of Springtime.

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