The Negative Side Effects Of An Apple Watch
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Health and Wellness

If Your Apple Watch Is Driving You Crazy, It Might Be Time To Take It Off

It's time to reflect on how your devices are benefiting you.

If Your Apple Watch Is Driving You Crazy, It Might Be Time To Take It Off

Amidst our technological world, one of the most mind-blowing and common new Apple products is the Apple Watch. Apple Watches work as amazing tools for nurses, fitness instructors, and more practical usages for work, however, the overwhelming emphasis on calorie counting, activity comparison, and constant notifications that pings one's wrist, is far from mentally healthy.

Humans are not made to constantly watch and count their food and activity levels. It is simply unhealthy. Thus, the constant calorie counting, reminders to get up and move, and pressure that arises from "closing your rings" can cause an incredibly negative mental state that cycles into a big bundle of anxiety.

Not only does your watch constantly counting steps and calories, but they also compare your own moving score to your contacts who also have watches.

The already-looming pressure then grows into something far worse with the addition of comparing yourself to another's activity, especially if you already feel pressure from that person in real life.

Many of the aspects of the Apple Watch are literal factors into developing an eating disorder. The obsessive routines, especially in counting, can change your's relationship with food and exercise. This has the potential to spiral into disordered exercise or eating especially if you already have pre-existing mental health illnesses.

I am a huge proponent of bettering yourself. I love to exercise, and quite frankly, could not live without it. I believe in putting your physical health at the forefront of your priorities. But I also believe in putting your mental health first.

While competition can be healthy, it can be mentally detrimental when it is a constant factor in your personal health decision making. The immediate and continual comparison on your wrist and abnormal calorie counting can create unhealthy habits.

Not only are the health aspects negative, but the perpetual vibrations on your wrist when a person receives a Snapchat, message, etc. is also incredibly abnormal. As many already know, social media and regular cell phone functions create addictive behavior. Thus, the added burden of connection generates a more negative mindset.

You can definitely use the Apple Watch in a positive way, as a motivator, and a device for lifestyle and working. I urge you, though, to take a look at your own habits and if you are considering purchasing a watch, and really think about how you will feel when you incorporate it into your life.

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