My Apologies to All Colleges and Universities
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My Apologies to All Colleges and Universities

Well actually I'm not that sorry

My Apologies to All Colleges and Universities

Dear Colleges and Universities,

I realized very recently that I owe all Colleges and Universities nationwide an apology. I must apologize to all of them because I made the grave mistake of wanting to acquire a better life for myself in the future. I am sorry that I do not want to limit my life to minimum wage and the stink of grease from standing over a McDonald's fryer. I am sorry that I wanted to do something with my life that would bring honor to my name. I apologize for wanting to be able to get the career of my dreams. I am sorry that I have entrusted your institutions and facilities to help me achieve such dreams. I am sorry that I have to cringe and grit my teeth every time I see the tuition bill that my parents have to pay. I am sorry that my parents make too much money to get EOF but do not make enough to pay for my college without loans. I Am sorry to my parents who have to sacrifice even more in her life, to give me a better one. I Am sorry to my mother that all the hard work put into scholarships and interviews might still result in the debt that we will both be in, in the next four years. I Am sorry to my father, that will need two surgeries in the fall, because instead of worrying about that, you have to find ways to pay for my schooling. I Am sorry Dad that you have to stay after school later and worker harder than you already do.

However, I must also thank all Colleges and Universities. Thank you so much for making me work harder for my degree so I can show my parents, all that money was not spent in vein. Thank you for making my tuition the cost that it is, so that I can work harder in my career so that I can make more than enough for my children to go to school debt free. Thank you for making me value all of the things that my parents have done for me. Thank you for making me rush from class to class, so that I learn that things cannot always work in benefit of me. Thank you for making me selfish, because now, when I am given something free or at a lower price, I savor it to the last bit, because I know things rarely come free.

It is only my first week of college and I can already see the struggles and break downs that are coming my way. However, I want you to know that I will not let all these obstacles beat me down. I won't let the money hungry tution bills discourage me from signing up for another class. So actually, I am not sorry, becaue when the times comes, I will definettly repay you all for the the genoristy that you have bestowed upon me. When that comes, I think that you willl be the ones that are sorry.

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