If you know anything about video games, you've probably heard of the industry revolutionizing game of "Fortnite". This long-standing battle royale made headlines across the globe with a whopping 200 million players worldwide at the end of 2018. However, a new free-to-play game by Electronic Arts has hit the market and is revolutionizing the genre all on its own. Apex Legends has smashed through "Fornite" records, with 25 million downloads within its first week compared to "Fortnite's" 10 million in its first two back in 2017. Although in its early stages, its shown to be a true competitor in the last-man-standing mode. It hits all the checklist marks for the format with players jumping onto a map, scavenging for supplies and surviving until one final team is left. However, "Apex" comes with key changes that differentiate it from the industry's lead competitor.

Lifeline an Apex Legend

What makes "Apex Legends" stand out from other battle royale games? The innovative pinging system and colorful Legends. The pinging system within the game allows players to communicate with their teammates without the use of a mic. Instead of having to speak to strangers, "Apex" allows users to "ping" a certain location in order to designate extra supplies or show an enemy's position. This unprecedented addition to the game makes communication with teammates extremely less complicated. "Apex" also allows users to pick "Legends" characters with varying abilities which we have seen in team deathmatch games like "Overwatch". The use of "Legends" drives the difference in gameplay between each match. The different expertise each "Legend" has makes matches and fights between teams all the more interesting. The "Legend" named Lifeline is a combat medic who calls in care packages and health drone while Pathfinder deploys grappling hooks and zip line guns. No character seems to overwhelm the others which allow for an even playing field.

Apex Legend Win

Within the match, the individual "Legends" complement each other, allowing for teams of three to easily work together and become victorious. Also less cartoonish than "Fortnite", "Apex" seems to be more appealing to the eSports community as it puts more emphasis on teamwork. Another appealing aspect of "Apex Legends" is the ability to respawn your teammates even after they have been eliminated. This solidifies the game's emphasis on teamwork as opposed to "Fortnite's" no fill capability. In the end, it is too early to say if "Apex Legends" will be the next big success, yet it seems to be well on its way.