Exam Season is right around the corner, as millions of panicked high school students are cramming a year's worth of information for a college level class before exams. The stress levels are continuously rising and everyone is waiting for this intense time to be over. Here are the top 5 stages of Ap exams that the high school students have to face.

Cramming a year’s worth of information:

It is the week before ap exams and you are currently sitting with a Ap review book, whether that be Princeton or Barrons. These types of books are very relieving because my 1000 page textbook is condensed down to around 200-300 pages.

Panicking based on the amount of studying you have to do:

Looking at all this studying I have to do before Ap exams just makes my mind explode! This is when I come to a realization that I should have started studying at least a month before.

The Night Before The AP Exam:

You constantly find yourself either dreaming about that specific subject because you have studied way too much or you are unable to sleep by tossing and turning, nervous the night before the actual exam. The reason why students are nervous is because it's like all this hard work will payoff if we pass that exam tomorrow.

Three Hour Exam:

Who wants to sit through a three-hour test that determines if you're even going to get into college credit for this course that you are currently taking.

The Day After:

This day is when you are truly free! All the funny memes about the specific Ap exams are out and everyone talks about the stupid and weird questions that were on the exam. But at the end of the day, it's finally over now you just have to study for your other ap exam or wait until July for the ap scores to come out.