Anticipating Move-In Day, As Told By Leslie Knope

It's almost that time of year again, move-in day. Move in day is filled with so many emotions, from excitement to anger, to fatigue, to happiness. Who better to describe your experience than our favorite member of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, Leslie Knope?

1. Prepping yourself for the big move-in day.

You need to be prepared.

2. Remembering that you are going to get to see your friends soon.

You'll probably burst into tears of happiness when you see them.

3. But also thinking about all of the "heavy lifting" you are going to have to do.

Even though we all know your dad will bring up most of your stuff.

4. When you are discussing how to decorate with your roommates.

This room is going to be awesome, all thanks to you.

5. When your parents get angry because you left packing until the last minute.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.

6. Practicing your dance moves for when you go out that first weekend.

You need a good reintroduction after summer.

7. And thinking about your first brunch in the dining hall the morning after.

Because honestly, Saturday and Sunday brunches are what keeps me going. And it's when dining hall food is at its best.

8. Realizing moving in also means you are starting classes soon.

You're not ready.

9. Knowing it's going to be a great semester and you can't wait to get started.

Can move in day come faster?

Remember, be the Leslie Knope of everything you do!

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