Mass Shootings Have Become Normal In America, And That Is Not Ok
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Mass Shootings Have Become Normal In America, And That Is Not Ok

I don't like to admit this, but I have adapted to mass shootings.

Mass Shootings Have Become Normal In America, And That Is Not Ok

Violence, hate, crime, outrage? Or... lack thereof? The last time I was in total disbelief at a mass shooting was the one that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14, 2012. I will NEVER forget that day. I was sitting in my 10th grade English class, working on an assignment as usual. My teacher brought it to our attention, she was reading an article on it from either her phone or laptop. I literally said "WHAT?" Why would someone do that to CHILDREN? It took me a while to get my mind off of it and accept that it happened.

I have studied and researched several mass shooting cases over the course of my life. I tried to make sense of it. I wanted to know the warning signs, so maybe I could one day prevent one myself. Before the Sandy Hook shooting took place, the Columbine High School massacre really got under my skin. And not in an angry way, more so a terribly sad way. Even though it occurred in 1999, and I was a very small child at that time, learning more about it for myself really made me more aware of the issue.

I can't imagine losing a family member, friend, or even my own life in such a violent way. Mass shootings in America have become more frequent, year after year. To be quite honest, they do not shock me anymore. When I find something out, I shake my head because I am tired of hearing about it; I am tired of it happening. However, it has become normal for me, like many others. Is that wrong? I debate about that all the time in my head. Am I wrong for not feeling much after watching the news, or reading an article? It's almost as if these shootings have become as common as going to see a movie or going on a lunch with friends. As citizens, some of us do not hesitate to speak out for better gun laws, even those apart of the government do. Since FOREVER. "What exactly has been accomplished though?" I think to myself. Before a bill gets passed, before a new law goes into effect, yet another shooting happens. And here we are again, back at square one. Fighting, protesting, crying, holding press conferences. Then after a while, the hype dies down. Then, another one happens. And the cycle repeats itself. So, am I wrong for thinking "oh, another one?"

I hope that all victims and families associated with gun violence find peace, and stay strong.

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