Being a full-time college student with a job leaves very little time to work out. So when I do work out, I always try to optimize my time and get a solid workout in. But here's the problem — it's really hard to get a good workout in when people are being annoying. If you do one of the following things while at the gym, I'm talking to you.

1. Sit on the machines to use your phone

2. Don't wipe down the machine after you use it

3. Tell me how much weight I should be using

4. Look at me as if I don't belong in the weight room 

5. Moan, scream, grunt... any sort of sound effect 

6. Flex in the mirror 

7. Wear jeans 

8. Try to spark up a conversation while I'm working out 

9. Claim multiple machines at one time 

10. Loudly drop your weights 


We all come to the gym to get a solid workout in and get stronger. The gym is communal, which means we all need to do our best to manage it and keep it clean. Don't be that person who has advice for everyone at the gym, don't bother other people when they're working out. It's rude. Especially to the people who have earbuds in.

They're at the gym to work out, they're probably not looking to start a conversation, so don't. Try to wear gym attire and share the machines with everyone else. Don't go around slamming down the weights, it's really not a good idea. Overall, everyone just needs to be polite and kind to their peers.

Being a considerate gym goer is not that hard, promise.