Anne Of Green Gables Is An Age-Old Tale For All Ages

Anne Of Green Gables Is An Age-Old Tale For All Ages

Lovable character Anne Shirley brings out unbridled, hopeful youth in all of us.


In 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery published her first novel: "Anne of Green Gables." The series follows the adolescence and coming of age of the young yet bright Anne Shirley as she finds a place to call home. Set in Montgomery's Canadian paradise: Prince Edward Island, a stage of calm rolling farmlands set — only to be turned upside down by the plucky freckled orphan.

The tale immediately appeals to all audiences young and old, nationally, and internationally. The series not only sparkles for children seeking idyllic adventure but for forlorn adults too, searching for innocent recollections of an honest youth.

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FIery, intelligent, and competent Lucy molded Anne a strong, determined woman like herself. I'm 1908, strong female characters and authors weren't given the respect and attention they deserve — so a wildly popular series such as this makes a stark mark on the literary world.

The book has been an inspiration for numerous retellings and adaptations: movies, musical scores, tv shows, plays, musicals, and even an anime — a testament to its formidability. The story resonates across the world.

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Last year, Netflix released the newest take on "Anne of Green Gables" titled "ANNE" with an E. Go ahead and watch it now! Produced in Canada for authenticity, the show soars — winning awards after only one season.

Already renewed for its third season, the show promises a new generation of Anne Shirley Cuthberts.

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This is why you simply must give "Anne of Green Gables" a try. By glimpsing Anne's life, we are inspired to find hope in the bleakest of situations. The story explores acceptance, compassion, mistakes, and truly captures the human experience in the country — before the turn of the century. Refreshing and charming, the girl with the red pigtails is sure to move you to tears.

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10 TV Shows You Need To Watch On Hulu

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