ICYMI, Disney+ went live on November 12 and everyone is loving it.

While the app consists of a lot of Disney Channel throwbacks, your favorite Marvel and Star Wars movies, it also has some Disney+ original movies/shows, one of them being "Noelle."

"Noelle" is a Christmas film starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader. Off the bat, you would think that since these two are the stars, it must be a comedy.

It is not. Even though there are definitely some comedic aspects of the movie, it is a feel-good holiday film that will warm your heart just enough to get you ready for the holiday season.

1. Anna Kendrick is still her humorous self

2. Bill Hader compliments Kendrick's character PERFECTLY

3. You will LOVE the animal sidekick, Snowy, even more than Olaf

4. It is empowering for women

5. It's not cheesy

6. You'll finish the movie inspired to be a better person

7. ...and wanting to prematurely decorate for Christmas

8. Billy Eichner is in it

9. It's not your typical Christmas movie

You don't predict what will happen (like a Hallmark movie), but it still makes you feel jolly and ready for Christmas.

10. The whole movie gives you the warm and fuzzies

11. You will CRAVE hot chocolate

12. It will have you contemplating if Santa Claus IS actually real...