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6 Cute Pets to go follow on instagram right now

You'll love all of what they have to offer.

6 Cute Pets to go follow on instagram right now

If you have an Instagram account, like I do, it's always good to find some cute pages to follow. Between pictures of people you knew in high school, and celebrities living much better lives than you, it's good to have something to just make you feel… good.

And what better way to do that then with animals! Lots of people make Instagram pages for their pets, and lots of animals on Instagram become somewhat famous. The pets would do it themselves but they... you know... don't have... thumbs. So here are some of my favorite animals of Instagram.

1. @Bighead_pup

Still somewhat of an underdog (excuse the pun) amongst Instagram, this dog initially got his fame due to an article advertising him as being a small puppy, with a huge head. That is where he got the name he now has today, "Bighead". He had since grown into it (a little) but remains to be just as cute as when he had that giant melon.

2. @Bonebone29

Bone bone is a grey cat from Thailand who is mainly famous for the way he looks. He is an incredibly round cat. And he is amazing. His Instagram page details some antics he gets up to, adventures he goes on, as well as just showing off how cute he is.

3. @Cumlord_official

Cumlord is an incredibly cute dog, with an incredibly unfortunate name. The adorable Pomeranian is fondly called "a marshmallow" and the page is mostly dedicated to all the cute things he does, and documenting his adventures.

4. @Allaboutarbuckle

Arbuckle is a rescue dog that was originally found terribly overweight, and miserable. He has lost an incredible amount of that weight, and his Instagram page shows pictures of his progress, weekly weigh-ins, and just him having fun. He also has a famous mom, Jane Lynch!

5. @Calistathepitbull

Calista is an adorable, and odd looking pitbull. With no ears, and a big ol cast on her tail, she looks a little worse for wear, but her Instagram page is dedicated to showing her personality and how much love she has. She even has a video with the Dodo showing her whole story, which is quite sad. But day to day, she can be seen on her Instagram page wearing pink pajamas, lots of bows, and loving life.

6. @Maruelmoruru

This Instagram is dedicated to an orange Japanese cat named Fuku. Fuku is deaf, blind in one eye, and missing part of his tail, but the page is dedicated to showing what he gets up to, all the yelling that he does, and his general wild personality.

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