11 Unexpected Traits That Came Out Of Me While Playing Animal Crossing
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11 Unexpected Traits That Came Out Of Me While Playing Animal Crossing

I have logged about 300 hours on this game and got it on the release date

11 Unexpected Traits That Came Out Of Me While Playing Animal Crossing

Some things just bring out the worst in people. Animal crossing brings out the strange in me. These are traits of myself that I thought I buried deep within myself and wouldn't ever emerge out again, like high school memories.

Taking Pictures of Friends

I've taken way too many pictures of my villagers doing normal animal crossing things. Like watering flowers or laying on the log bench outside. But boy, do I sure make these artistic. I used to take candids of my friends in high school since I would be allowed to leave the house only once in a blue moon. Maybe I should start doing that again after quarantine is over since people like a good candid for the 'gram.

Making them say things

Remembering telling your friends to spell "I-C-U-P" during recess in the second grade? With animal crossing, you at least don't have to prompt them in a similar manner. They ask you to make up new sayings or greetings, such can easily be things like X Æ A-12 or gay rights! The joys of having no filter on a game.


After getting the basement installed in your home, your storage maxes out to 1,600 spaces. I sure know how to fill my storage as more than half of that is clothing of different color variations and socks that barely show with the outfit. Due to the lack of space and also limitations on what you can put in storage, I have resorted to having my basement be my "Turn Up" room. Meaning it's the room where my turnips are laying all over my floors and I don't pick up anything like my bedroom floor back at home. I also have a whole section of my island dedicated to bugs I've caught since I'm waiting to sell them all to the bug expert that buys them at 1.5x the normal selling price. That part of my island has minor lag due to the sheer amount of bugs that it needs to render.


With only animals and Raymond to judge you, you can wear whatever your heart desires and that you can afford to spend. They truly have a fit for everyone from all walks of life. Love marathons and want to show that in your character? They have marathon jerseys and other sport-related clothing. Are you secretly a furry and your friends judge you? You can also buy a furry costume in a game where your neighbors are animals. I do not understand the logistics of how they determined what was okay to sell.

Black Market

Remember that kid who had the best packed lunch and would trade his fruit gushers for 5 bags of teddy grahams? Well if you have the very sought after Raymond the Cat, you're in for a treat. He is one of the most expensive characters in the game going for as high as 300 USD. That's right, you read right. That's USD as in U.S. Dollar and NOT the in game currency. So you can relive your dreams of being the cool kid and selling stuff on the playground during recess.


Now this one is arguable. I think I'm getting more screen time as I'm playing on my switch more but I am a CSE major so I'm already on my computer 28/9. I've been going to bed at around like 5 or 6am since I haven't been able to sleep. I don't think it's the increase of blue light since I'm already staring at a screen. It's the incessant thoughts of how I can pay for some of my rent through some pixels and preset dialogue.

Talking with friends

Now I didn't have friends in high school as I sat by myself during lunch. So it's unexpected that I have friends NOW that I visit their island and have meteor shower parties with them. These are also friends that I barely see on a MONTHLY basis during college and I now see maybe on a bi-weekly chance. We are, of course, still busy people. But we do have a lot more free time as one major aspect of our lives is gone.

Writing down EVERYTHING

Now this may be a trait I should've had as a student but it never stuck with me until I got animal crossing. I have so many different lists going on. I track what hybrid flowers I have, what kind of colors and styles a villager likes, the price of my turnips on a weekly basis. I'm tracking everything I can in notebooks, google sheets, and fan made apps. I'm doing the most of something where I get minimal payout and only a couple ounces of serotonin


Yes I am a clown and I make a joke of myself at every given time. But I didn't expect to like the fan hated sheep, Pietro. He is the smug sheep character that looks like a clown. He's got the white face, red nose, and colorful clothing. But he's such a happy little fella that goes "honk honk" after his sentences! He's a true gem and much better than the murder clowns we had a few years ago. Thus, are you a Pietro stan or are you normal?

K.K. Slider

He is the only animal in animal crossing that doesn't wear any clothing, just to get that out there. But he's better known as "Clay K Slider" on Spotify. Now the Bubblegum K is a popular song on Tik Tok that is one of his original songs. But the covers that Clay K does is phenomenal honestly. They are the perfect jams to listen to while studying and I wish I had found them earlier. The covers are of pop songs like Bad Guy by Billie Ellish or Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Group Chats

I think most people would agree that they hate group chats. They kill your battery life since you are never active at the same time as the rest of the group is so they blow up your phone while it's on "Do Not Disturb" mode while you're working a 5 hour long shift during the lunch rush at work. But I decided to make a group chat for animal crossing, and join another four of those. Most of my group chat goes on mute ASAP, just ask any of my siblings in my sorority. Every new group chat that I'm put in from them, I immediately mute and yeet it from my brain. But the animal crossing ones? I am blowing them up asking if they want my extra DIY recipes or want to come over to talk to Celeste.

And yes, I made a twitter solely for all my Animal Crossing memes, pictures, and rants here: @KoyalaCrossing

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