'Animal Crossing' Festivals, Ranked

'Animal Crossing' Festivals, Ranked

The video game "Animal Crossing" has a lot of in-world festivals. A lot of them are fun, a few lacking. Here they are, ranked!


Although I've played every edition of "Animal Crossing" that's been released so far, I'll specifically be sticking with New Life for the purposes of this list because it's the one with the most features and also my personal favorite game in the franchise!

1. Your Character's Birthday

Chances are that you gave your player the same birthday as you gave yourself, so that's a cool real-world parallel. All of the villagers in town, as well as your player's mom, will send you gifts and you get a birthday cake! Your favorite villager will even come and visit you personally to take you to their house for a surprise party!

2. Toy Day

Toy Day is the "Animal Crossing" version of Christmas, and it's pretty fun. You get to dress up as Santa Claus and give presents to the villagers, and then Jingle the Reindeer will appear and give you presents as well!

3. Festivale

Pavé hosts the event in the Plaza. You get to play minigames and receive furniture! Also, the game is coded so that the weather will always be sunny on Festivale. It's a bit similar to real-world Mardi Gras, and it's great!

4. Bunny Day

Similar to Easter, Zipper T. Bunny will appear and give the character furniture in exchange for eggs that are hidden around your town. Personally, I like the egg-hunt game more than I like the appearance of the furniture itself, but it's the thought that counts. Also, Zipper T. Bunny, although kind, is a bit creepy. He's clearly another character in a fursuit, but we have no idea what character it is.

5. Weeding Day

Weeding Day is basically work disguised as a holiday, but it does have a decent number of redeeming factors. First of all, Leif will tell the player exactly how many weeds are left in town so that the player has an idea of how much work they have left to do. Second, you do get a prize at the end: flower furniture!

6. Fishing Tourney

The Fishing Tourney is hosted by Chip. The objective is to catch the biggest fish and/or a specific type of fish. It's a lot of fun the first few times, but sadly, it can get a bit repetitive after a while!

7. Bug-Off

The Bug-Off is similar to the Fishing Tourney, except Nat hosts it and asks you to catch rare insects. The only reasons why I prefer the Fishing Tourney to the Bug-Off (slightly) is because 1. bugs creep me out and 2. the bug festival is a bit harder in my opinion.

8. April Fool's Day

On April 1st of each year, Blanca will appear and then disappear into one of the villager's houses and impersonate them. The player must find out who is real and who is fake.

Don't get the wrong idea from this one being the last on the list! I still really enjoy it, even though Blanca is creepy. However, my one major complaint lies in the fact that it's based almost completely on luck or prior knowledge, unless you cheat to look up the questions that the player/Blanca will ask you.

It doesn't feel as much like a "game" as the other festival minigames do. That being said, it is pretty cool that you can get the villagers' photographs if you guess correctly!

Although there are a few other in-game festivals, these are the ones that I think are most well known, as well as the ones that I participate in the most. There aren't any festivals I dislike, but there are some that I'd like more if certain things were added.

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50 Really Fun (And Really F*cked) Things To Do In 'The Sims'

Turns out, you can do more than just light them on fire.

I searched for the greatest Sim activities all over the Internet, and I really wasn't prepared for what I found. There are thousands and thousands of suggestions all over the web, but I've compiled a list of the best 50 things to do in the Sims right here. You're welcome!

Happy Simming!!

1. Create your worst enemy. Then, kill them.

2. Create one child in a family that is the 'black sheep' - with a totally different style and traits than the rest of the family.

3. Create a photography studio, with models, lighting, the works. If it gets weird, good. Maybe try casting a Bad Karma Power like Fire Storm, Cry Havoc, or Meteor Strike. Then take pics.

4. Kill all your neighbors. (Bonus: Throw a spooky party and invite all of their ghosts.)

5. Grow an entire garden of Venus Fly Traps (Cowplants). They eat people.

6. Summon a Fire Storm or Meteor Strike in the middle of the park or another crowded public area.

7. Make Sim versions of your favorite cartoon characters. Then make Spongebob and Patrick have a baby.

8. For my Sim architects - open Google maps and use the little orange guy to stroll through a neighborhood. Pick a house and try your best to duplicate it, landscaping and all.

9. Play a homeless Sim who lives in a tent or some kind of shack. You have to survive off of the land, eating what you catch... or steal.

10. Play as a male Sim and try to impregnate every female Sim in town.

11. Play as a female Sim and try to have a baby with every male Sim in town.

12. Play a Black Widow Sim, and have all of her husbands (and/or wives) die from 'mysterious causes'.

13. WooHoo with a dead Sim and have a ghost baby!

14. Earn a living JUST by stealing other people's shit. (Having the Kleptomaniac trait is very helpful.)

15. Build a tiny house!

16. Build houses, neighborhoods, or entire towns based of off THEMES! Like aliens, unicorns, elves, neon, all-black, literally anything you can think of.

17. Make celebrity Sims. Then either date them or kill them.

18. Make Sims from your favorite movies, books, TV shows, or games. Again, either date them or kill them.

19. Don't pay any of your bills. Do with the Re-Po man what you will.

20. Seduce the Grim Reaper.

21. Seduce a maid.

22. Seduce a mailman.

23. Seduce your neighbor's husband or wife.

24. Play a Young Adult Sim and have them move into a cheap house. Instead of buying a better house and moving out, renovate it and have it grow with them as they get older.

25. Create an adoption center, or foster home, with the maximum amount of children possible. (With mods or cheats, this could be infinite.)

26. Play a 'public enemy' Sim - a Hot-Headed, Mean Sim that makes enemies with literally everybody in the town.

27. Attempt to kill an entire family using every way to die in the game. There are so many options for this. Especially in the Sims 4... you can literally die by laughing or being embarrassed.

28. Play the Random Game. Pick a number 1-10. In CAS, hit the "Randomize" button this amount of times... FOR EVERYTHING. Outfit, makeup, accessories, skin/hair/eye color, personality traits, aspirations. All random.

29. Play with full Autonomy and never press Pause. This could get chaotic quickly.

30. Woohoo in a random neighbor's bed, then fight them when they get mad and try to kick you out.

31. Play a couple with completely clashing traits (Mean vs. Good, Neat vs. Slob, etc.)

32. Invite everybody you know to a party. Lure them all to the basement (or any other room). Take out the door. Place a Venus Fly Trap (Cowplant) in the room. Begin.

33. Recreate your entire hometown including all of the lots and people who live on them (or neighborhood, for a smaller scale project).

34. Complete the 100 Baby Challenge. I don't even know what the 100 Baby Challenge is, but I'm sure whatever you decide to make it, it will be entertaining.

35. Build an entire Goth town. All black everything and a bunch of Neurotic, Over-Emotional Sims. Then, create one all-pink Barbie household with a bunch of Snob Sims. Wreak havoc.

36. Courtesy of Tumblr: "So what you do is you make like a little demon/ogre and make him live in the basement with just the basics (toilet, bed, fridge) and give him an easel. Make him paint all day long and he will eventually get really good and you can sell his paintings. Your sims living above will eventually become wealthy but nobody will ever know about the secret to their fortune living beneath their house."

37. Get abducted by aliens. Try to get pregnant by one.

38. Play the MASH Game (You know. Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House?) and apply it to your Sim's life.

39. Create a Good Sim who's secretly evil and has a dungeon in his/her basement.

40. Recreate all of the Disney princesses. And all of the Villains. Make them live together.

41. Run, and operate, a toilet store.

42. Make a home-wrecker Sim, and break up as many marriages as you can.

43. Get a Sim to clog every drain of a house. Preferably one that isn't theirs.

44. When a Sim dies, play as their ghost, and light a bunch of shit on fire or possess objects. Preferably at other Sims' lots or in public for the best reactions.

45. Play as a hobo that lives off of his/her findings from the trash.

46. Have identical twins (triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets..) and give them all the same names and wardrobes, but completely different traits.

47. Make a Santa, a Mrs. Claus, an elf, and a reindeer, and make Christmas for the town! Craft or buy presents, then go to every house and deliver.

48. Make an asylum with a bunch of Sims that have the Insane/Neurotic traits.

49. Play The Bachelor (Or Bachelorette) - Sims Edition! For example, create one male Sim and 7 female Sims (preferably all with the Have the male Sim date all of the females at once, and have them all fight for his affection.

50. Host a dinner party but wet yourself in front of all your guests, causing you to die of Embarassment and shocking your guests as Grim comes to make fun of you and reap your soul.

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3 Improvements That Would Make 'Kingdom Hearts 3' More Enjoyable

The ending should have been happier for the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga, then I would have been more satisfied with the game after finishing the game.


After playing "Kingdom Hearts 3," I wouldn't say that it was a huge disappointment. I would say the game could have been better. And here are some things that I thought would make "Kingdom Hearts 3" far better and far more enjoyable.

1. There should be less time on the gummi ship travels and battles

It was cool seeing the gummi ship travel between worlds with Sora, Donald, and Goofy but to be honest, it wasted my time. I had to devote my time trying to battle Heartless bosses in order to boost my level to battle even more harder Heartless bosses that stand in the way between worlds. Otherwise, I wouldn't get access to the last "Kingdom Hearts 3" world. Then the last travel of the gummi ship got very complicated because it was hard to see pathways due to the screen focusing the things around the gummi ship. As a"'Kingdom Hearts 3" fan, I would want to spend more energy and my time with what was going on in the story rather than spending time on leveling up that gummi ship.

2. There should have been more teamwork between the Keyblade Wielders in "Kingdom Hearts 3"

From the opening of "Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance," every Kingdom Hearts fan were told that would be the ultimate teamwork between the Keyblade Wielders against Xehanort in the final showdown! Unfortunately, I didn't get that moment of that ultimate teamwork I was looking forward to in "Kingdom Hearts 3." Although the game had moments of Sora working together with Xion and Roxas in one battle and Sora working together with Riku and Mickey in another, one thing I didn't understand was why was it only Sora, Donald, and Goofy only fighting Xehanort during the final battle? Xehanort was the main reason why each of Keyblade Wielders in the game was torn apart from each other! Even if Sora was told to be the one having the power to save his friends, why was he only paired up with Donald and Goofy to fight Xehanort? I mean, Donald and Goofy are awesome allies but they shouldn't be the only ones fighting Xehanort! The other characters should join in the final battle as well and fight alongside Sora, Donald, and Goofy against Xehanort! Imagine how thrilling that would be? Not to mention, that would make a great opportunity to make every Keyblade wielders playable!

3. The ending should have been happy instead of a bittersweet

After defeating Xehanort, Sora was able to save his friends but not himself. At the last scene, every one of the Keyblade wielders along with Naminé, Isa, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and friends from Twilight Town are gathered together at Destiny Islands and have fun. Sora spends his remaining time sitting next to Kairi, giving her one last look before disappearing in front of her. Shinji Hashimoto, the game producer said that "Kingdom Hearts 3" ending would be one that would satisfy every "Kingdom Hearts" fan and boy, was I fooled! I was very discouraged because this was an ending that Sora did not deserve at all! The ending should have been happier for Sora and everyone during the conclusion of the Dark Seeker saga, then I would have been more satisfied with the game after finishing the game.

Did you like "KH3"? What changes would you make?

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