The time has come to do this again,

To reminisce on the year & plan for what is ahead.

Although I am excited for the clock to strike 12,

Your lively photo stares at me from the shelve.

I can't help to think of where we would be

If you were able to stick around for one more year with me.

We champagne pop our way into the new year,

And I tell myself "I wish I didn't have to this alone",

But I know whether you are far or near,

You are watching over me into the new year.

The calendar swings low from the pin on my wall

January to December, we've got memories which fulfilled them all.

A calendar full, yet I don't want to flip to the next month.

I know I cannot stay in this time bubble forever,

So I will move forward with you above me, however.

I know I am not the only one wishing for presence.

You have a daughter who is beautiful- inside and out.

She asks where her daddy is, and we must say he has taken a different route.

She is now in kindergarten- doing so well,

Learning numbers, time, shapes, and even knows how to spell!

As we approach the new year, she is only getting older,

But I know you are with her, and she loves you so very much.

You continuously provide her with the strength of a lion,

A heart of gold, and the dance moves of Soulja Boy.

For that, I thank your spirit- last year, this year & forever.

You have the best view of the fireworks from heaven.

The new year will bring fresh friends, goals, and memories

So, despite my grief, I can't say there is nothing to look forward to.

My sorrows can no longer hold me down,

But rather lift me up and remind me of all the people I am lucky to have.

So my new year's resolution you ask?

To have double the fun, double the laughs, double the smiles

Because I must emphasize the life you gifted this world with.

I will look forward to each tomorrow because I am lucky to have one.

I will be the best aunt, as you have given me the best niece.

I will be the best that I can be, for you and for me.

So to my angel in heaven,

Let's do this countdown together,

The sky is lit up, and it is your moment to shine.

2019- you are mine.