An Open Letter To Those Who've Forgotten Their Worth

Value yourself,

I've noticed that you've changed to fit in, that people like you now, but what others want of you shouldn't matter. Maybe you've given too much of yourself away, pieces you can't get back, and maybe that's what keeps you up at night. Maybe you toss and turn in bed, thinking of everything you wish you could have done differently. Or maybe you think you haven't done anything wrong at all.

But you have value, did you know that?

Value yourself,

You might be scared to address your value because you fear the unknown, and because he's all you've ever known. But I beg of you to be brave.

Value your body,

It's to be earned, not to be auctioned off. They may promise you the world in return, but promises are fleeting. Save the best parts of you for someone special.

But for those who are still blind to their worth, you have value... did you know that?

So value yourself,

Value yourself because every bit of you is precious, but not everyone is deserving. You don't have to tell the world (or your Instagram followers) every little detail about your life, your day or relationship. Some things are meant to be kept private. But if you do tell the world, if long, explicit rants on social media are your thing: is it a cry for help? Do you just need someone to talk to? If what you really need is to vent to someone, value yourself and speak to a counselor; someone confidential.

It feels good to value yourself,

If you feel worthless, be mindful that your relationships will not bring you the gratification you seek; it comes from within. Hopping from relationship to relationship is dangerous. It leaves you with no time to figure yourself out: your desires, ambitions, beliefs... your value. Don't let the people in your life walk all over you, don't let them steal your time, happiness, or intimacy. Be self aware.

Stand firm in your worth, remember that you have value, and stop selling yourself short.

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