An Open Letter To The Exceptionally Clumsy

Dear People Who Are Exceptionally Clumsy,

I understand how you feel. Being clumsy is hard, but always being clumsy is a daily challenge. Knowing that you can seriously mess things up at any moment can create a lot of anxiety for a person and make them worry about a lot of little things that aren't necessary.

I'm going to give some advice on how to deal with being exceptionally clumsy.

1. Own it! If you're like me and can seriously mess up easy tasks, just take pride in it. Maybe you found out a different way to do a new task. Be proud!

2. Walk away for a second. If you're a little stunned by how you just broke three plates at once, walk away and shake it off, and then come back to clean up all of the glass.

3. Be embarrassed. Tripping over nothing and throwing your food everywhere in public, where people can see you, is definitely a reason to be embarrassed, but all you have to do is take in the embarrassment and keep moving on.

4. If you're having a rough day, cry it out. Sometimes you have the sudden realization that life sucks, and you're clumsy. Just cry.

5. Laugh. This is my most favorite way to deal with being clumsy. Trying to grab your papers from the printer and somehow managing to break the printer could be a tough situation, but if you laugh at yourself, it doesn't seem that bad!

Life is rough, and being clumsy doesn't make it any easier, but if you follow these five pieces of advice, life won't be as challenging. Eventually, you will just accept the fact that you can ruin/mess up literally anything and that helps too. So next time you trip over nothing while you are walking to class, don't let it phase you. Keep on walking like nothing ever happened.

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