An Open Letter To The Dog

An Open Letter To The Dog

"If Your Lucky....A Dog Will Come Into Your Life, Steal Your Heart And Change Everything"

Cassi Burgin

Dear Max,

When I first met you I was hesitant and nervous. I had no idea that you would change my thoughts and turn me into both a cat and dog person. I didn't know I would miss you when I was gone or that you would miss me. I entered this relationship just as blind as you did.

I must admit I was more worried about how my cat's deal with you than anything else. I was afraid someone was going to get eaten. I was probably just as nervous as any human would be as they let a dog into their cat's domain. I was afraid that the cats wouldn't accept you or would be upset with me for loving you too.

At first, I'm pretty sure that's how it was. Marble wasn't happy and he surely showed his colors. He let you know who was boss once he got over the shock of you being here and now you both seem to have at least somewhat of an understanding of whose space is whose. I hope that one day you all will get along and be in the same room without hissing or barking. Here's a little hint if you lay off the barking then the cat won't hiss at you so much. Remember that boundaries thing I mentioned while that little hint will help you out evenly.

I understand that when you came into this house a cat was foreign to you or so we thought anyway. Turns out that even though you had never been around a cat before you knew exactly what they were. You knew probably out of instinct that dogs are not supposed to like cats. The cats, however, knew what you were the second they saw you and while they showed their distaste at first now they just ignore you and taunt you on purpose when they see fit.

Anyways, thank you, Max, for worming your way into my heart. You are a great nap buddy and wonderful cuddle bug. Thanks for keeping me warm and sleeping in my bed after everyone else has gotten up.


The Cat Person You Have Converted.

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