Dear Hip Hop,

You are the art form that I aspire to cultivate and refine within myself through the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I said the Holy Spirit. He is the divine person that counsels and guides me to the still river where peace that I can't even understand flows.

Hip Hop, oh how glad I am to have been blessed with a Godly foundation early on in my life! Because you told me so many things that contradict the principles of God when I was still a young sponge. Everything I heard felt like an absorbing abyss.

You tried to destroy my mind.

But should I blame you? Is who you are today, what you were originally intended for?

Do you remember your birth spot? Do you remember your biological father? DJ Kool Herc? You know, the dude that brought you up 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx back in 73'?

Oh...So you don't remember. Has it really been that long?

What happened to you?

From the very start, you had a good heart. But where did it go wrong?

I think I can see your problem. You've been abused, misused, and altered against your will. They have taken your beauty and tainted it.

Oh Hip Hop, you hurt, because you are hurting. Even as we speak, you spur up the spirits of greed, lies, anger, impurity, as well as many other dark traits in the people.

As I stare you directly into your eyes right now, I can still see your allure. Who you truly are can never be fully hidden.

The power that you've been given is meant to water the roses and flowers that are trying to grow from the cracked concrete. Each and every one of them have been planted with a divine purpose, but yet, the clouds have blackened so much to the point where people are too focused on their problems to sprout from the sun.

You are purposed to be the distinct plane that cruises over the earth's surface, extinguishing the many wildfires that have been surrounding our people.

Oh Hip Hop, I see your potential, but I don't know the full extent of your influence. I thank God, despite it all, because the gradual process to change you for the better has already begun!

Please know that those who really care about you are out there, and we are utilizing you as an unstoppable force, penetrating hardened hearts, seeping through the fractured concrete, and tending the dying gardens. And we are doing it all to His glory, because you are the gift, and our Lord is the giver.

Much love in Christ,

your brother, Marlon