An Open Letter to "Senioritis"

An Open Letter to "Senioritis"

Leave me alone! You can't have my last three weeks of joy.

I graduate from high school in three weeks. The awards ceremonies and parties are starting to ramp up, and every day is just a stepping stone to "being done." Throughout high school, I was constantly warned by my upperclassmen friends to watch out for what they thought was a perfectly normal part of senior year — senioritis.

Senioritis. The leading killer of grade point averages and motivation. Being constantly bombarded by final assignments, test preparation and rushing between events is enough to exhaust and stress anyone out. My one promise to myself as I went into my senior year, however, was to NOT LET MYSELF "GET SENIORITIS." I have tried every day to reflect on the incredible experiences that high school has given me, and be grateful for the opportunities offered to me. With that being said, here is an open letter to senioritis:

Dear Senioritis,

I have three weeks of high school left, leave me alone! Getting enough sleep and remaining motivated is hard enough without you breathing down my neck. You're an attention-hog, trying to steal all of my final moments with my friends and teachers because you want me to graduate so quickly. These hallways have so many memories — memories that you weren't a part of, and I want time to reflect on them.

I understand that there's a lot of work and responsibilities, believe me, I'm the one doing them! But I don't have time for your forced procrastination and pessimism. Yes, my future is near. Yes, it is going to be exciting. Yes, it is going to be an entirely new adventure that I can't wait to experience. But that doesn't mean I can just blow off my last few weeks of classes. Your laziness and lack of motivation are welcome in the summer, but please, let me live my last few weeks free of your eye-rolling and sighs. My high school experience has shaped me into the person I am today, and I refuse to let you take that from me.

For the next three weeks, you are not in control. I will revel in every moment, making memories and reminiscing on past highs and lows of my time here. I am so thankful for my time in high school, and you're not allowed to ruin it.

See you never,

Emily, Class of 2019

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