Dear me,

I am sorry for everything I have put you through. I haven't placed enough effort into you but rather placed it in him or in other people and have chosen to ignore you. I am sorry that you have spent nights crying yourself to sleep with no one to comfort you, not even yourself. I have placed your self-worth well below the bar and that should have never happened. I let you turn off your confidence, your happiness, your aspirations, your reasoning to move forward and the reason you do everything in your life at this exact moment.

I let you feel worthless at one point and let you believe that you have to be dependent on others rather than on yourself. I let you listen to the negativity that has been plastered around you and in your face.

I don't recognize you through your own eyes, in the shiny bright mirror that is looking back at yourself.

Yeah...I have no clue who she is now.

At this time, I am a stranger to myself.

Why? Why did I let you do this to yourself...

I have always shaped your mind to be yourself, to be the person you were born to be and to never let a single soul influence you, yet at this moment you have. You let someone influence you, you let people's mistakes and screw-ups affect you. You lost your mindset and game plan that you have set yourself.


Stop letting people's mistakes affect you.

Stop letting people let you down.

This right here is a sign, I'm talking to you. I'm YELLING at you. I'm crying for you to understand.

To understand that...

I have realized what I have let you done. I have realized that you are not yourself & that I let you become a completely different person then what I let you set up to be.

I have realized your true self-worth.

Do not let anyone diminish it, no soul, no person, no human in existence should have that right.

You are worth more than what you mentally put yourself at.

You are worth the stars in the sky

a flooded room of lights

an everlasting love

a person to never leave your side

to bring the morning sun & the evening night to your doorstep...

Sincerely, me