An Ode to Writing

An Ode to Writing

We need writing now more than ever

For thousands of years, people have shared their stories. Whether they drew symbols on a cave or recited an epic poem around a fire, storytelling has always been a foundation of our culture. It’s what makes us who we are as humans- our ability to write our own stories. That’s why the gift of writing is priceless. For it is with the stroke of a pen that emotion is evoked, ideas are shaped and our wildest dreams become realities.

Now, I’ve been writing constantly since I was in the fourth grade. Stories, screenplays essays, movie reviews, you name it. I have seen firsthand the impact that my written words have on other’s emotions. Once I wrote a simple Mother’s Day card to my mom that made both her and my grandmother cry. I’ve had my day ruined by a stupid text message, I’ve been overjoyed when receiving a handwritten postcard from a close friend at a distant college. Words evoked these emotions in me, and I’m sure writings, both virtual and physical have evoked some both pleasant and unpleasant emotions in you. Words have the power to not only influence us, but also inspire us.

Writing can make us aware of a world, a character, or a lesson we never knew we needed. We can garner hope from stories. One of my favorite stories is Cinderella, because it has such a strong message about believing and hope. We can see Cinderella overcome enslavement, neglect and trauma while remaining a kind, caring, and patient person, finally get the happy ending she deserves. This story inspires us to believe that no matter how bad things are, if you keep on believing, things will work out. The Cinderella story teaches us hope- it gives us something better to yearn for, it makes us ask ourselves “What can I hope for… dream for?” This story demonstrates the power of words. From a simple fairy tale, we are given the idea of hope and faith and kindness and love- our lives are enriched, by words and storytelling.

That’s why it’s important to write with a powerful message in mind, because words have the greatest impact on us, more than guns and violence. Nuclear bombs and brute force will only change the world so much. But it’s the ideas, the words, the messages in our stories that will ultimately change the world as we know it. As the old saying goes: “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

So, I try my best to write as often as I can because writing can not only impact other’s emotions and ideas, but also provide a form of escape. Writing and creating a story can transport me into a world that whatever I want it to be. A world where I can forget all of life’s little annoyances and create a story that I can get completely lost in. A story that I can control, a story that can entertain and amuse me for hours on end. That’s why I, and a lot of other people write, for escape. For a chance to temporarily live in a world that both diminishes our world’s injustices while also bringing out the best of what life has to offer.

The world needs writing, and words, and stories, now more than ever. With all the ugliness that’s being shoved down our throats, it is vital that we each share our own unique perspective. That we share words powerful enough to make someone feel humbled or loved. We need to write stories with messages of hope and perseverance. We need to escape from our imperfect world every now and then and be reminded of all the good that’s out there. Share your stories, because every single one of you has one, and your story is capable of changing the world.

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Why You Should Consider Spring Recruitment

the benefits of sorority life


It's that time of year again!! Time for sororities to get back in the recruitment swing and gain some awesome new members! I serve as recruitment coordinator for my sorority here at The University of Georgia, and love everything recruitment has to offer.

Some of my closest friends in my sorority rushed in the spring as opposed to the beginning of the fall semester. Talking with them and having helped plan spring recruitment, we all came to the common conclusion that spring recruitment is the best!!!

I know that a lot of girls hold themselves back from joining a sorority because of the overwhelming journey it takes to receive a bid. However, spring recruitment is different because often times it is a whole lot more low key and less intense than the typical fall recruitment. It is done on a much smaller scale and really allows you to talk with a handful of sisters in order to get a better idea of what the sorority offers. There can be games, food, and activities involved - who doesn't love the sound of that??!

Maybe last semester was a tough one or you just weren't sure sorority life was for you- whatever the case may be, now is your opportunity to be a part of one of the best things college has to offer!

I'll admit I definitely did not see myself as the "typical sorority girl," but here I am convincing you to take a chance. I can truthfully say that the time I have spent in my sorority has given me some of my favorite memories and has proven to be the biggest blessing. Being a sister has allowed me to travel, find personal growth, develop the strongest of friendships, and ultimately has given me the best support system. Going through my college experience knowing that I have a group of girls that have my back and are there to support me 24/7 has been such a gift. Plus it is always fun to have a class or study buddy! Not only do you gain best friends, but you truly do gain a family as well.

I know it can be a daunting task to put yourself out into an unfamiliar setting with new people, but I promise, if you embrace the experience and stay open you may just find yourself hanging out with your new best friends. Going through recruitment forces you of your comfort zone and pushes you in the best ways possible. Start the year off experiencing something new and exciting! It is so much fun to get to talk to new people and hear all new stories. I can truly tell you that I have laughed louder and smiled more because of taking a chance and going through recruitment. Seeing my sisters brightens my day and adds more joy to my life. And besides, what girl doesn't love an excuse to get all dolled up and put on her cutest outfit?!

Recruitment is a 11/10 experience – would 100% recommend!

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