An Ode to Weirdos
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An Ode to Weirdos

To the Freaks, Geeks, Eccentrics and Other Outliers of Society

An Ode to Weirdos

An open letter to the weirdos of our world,

Life, crazy as it may be, is composed of two things: wishes and compromises. I can remember when I was a kid i wanted to be the blue power ranger. More than anything i wanted to wear an all blue outfit and fight aliens from outer space. But I have asthma, so the idea of me flipping around and running all over the place wasn’t realistic. And also aliens (should they exist) aren’t on Earth and (hopefully) aren’t summoning giant monsters.

So I compromised on that dream. I looked for something more within the realm of my ability (and reality in general.) I like video games, i figured I’d enjoy making them (it was young boy logic.) If you’ve ever seen the work behind the making of a video game, then you know it’s a lot of work. (If you haven’t give it a look on YouTube, you’ll have a far greater appreciation for them.) I took a free class at Eyebeam to learn about how video games are made and it can take a great deal of effort and patience that, quite honestly, I don’t possess.

So I compromised on that too. I know myself well enough that I can’t get the hang of coding and I’m no good with visual art, additionally, I have no desire to become proficient at either. However, after that, I realized that what I really liked were the stories that video games told and that I wanted to craft stories. So now I’m a writer and this is something I won’t compromise on. And this brings me to the purpose of this letter.

With the labeling myself as a writer comes a promise. That all jobs that I have worked or have yet to work, all hobbies and other passions take second place to writing. It is above all else in my heart. I am of the belief that everybody has thoughts and feelings that cannot be properly expressed via the medium they regularly work with. For the most part, this is where art comes from; in all its many forms such as poetry, painting, dancing, etc.

But with every human being unique, not every notion or emotion can be expressed within the confines that those art forms operate in. and from there we get the weirdos. There are people in this world who are willing to compromise on expressing those feelings in whatever way they may take shape in order to fit within society. And there are those who would rather die. These people live life the only way they know how and they make the world a better place because of it. While most people will make fun of these wonderful eccentrics, I applaud them; for they’re being true to themselves regardless of social convention. It’s a bravery to be admired.

And with the great power that is the internet, we can easily see these people who make our lives a little less bleak and a lot more interesting. Such as this first and second video found on twitter. It’s important to keep in mind that they’re (probably) not doing this just for the entertainment of others, but it’s an avant-garde art that no one besides them can truly get. Or maybe they are doing just to make people smile, which is a feat indeed praiseworthy.

In conclusion, to all the weirdos of the world, thank you. You make the world a richer, more colorful place. As long as you’re hurting nobody or majorly inconveniencing anyone I commend you and hope you keep doing you.

Sincerely, Sky

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