An Ode To Ben & Jerry's

Ice cream is a novelty that has carried females throughout the generations. From hot childhood summers to middle school ‘ice cream socials’, ice cream is the perfect topper to any day. It lightens the mood, cools the temperature, all the while satisfying your tastebuds.

As we get older ice cream takes on a whole new meaning. Ice cream is that special treat at the end of a long stressful day, the silver lining that makes it all okay. Countless times during my past three years of college, I have sat in my bed after a long day with a glass of wine, my favorite Ben & Jerry’s, and a season on Netflix. Some people might be inclined to feel guilty about this, but there is something about this triple combination that eases any stress or worries that have boiled up during the day. Yes, it is only a temporary fix for your problems, but it’s the little things like this that get us through life. The spoonful of succulent savor is a small pleasure that makes any day just a little better. And, the contrast of the wine couldn't be more perfect. Having a bad day? No problem. Get a bad grade? It’ll be okay. Stressed out? We can fix that. Just feeling a little blue? Have I got the recipe for you. No matter what your problem, there are few things that Ben & Jerry’s and wine can’t fix.

Now, I understand that for the male counterpart this combination may not do the trick. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Ben & Jerry’s and beer works just as well.

It even eases the annoyance of the world’s largest fly that happens to be buzzing around my room at the moment. While Mr. Ben & Jerry can’t do anything to rectify the fly situation, they do distract me for a moment, softening the blow.

Yes, other ice creams can be creamily delicious in their own way. However, nothing can compare to the flavor array that B&J’s offers. From the all-time favorite cookie dough, to my own personal favorite, the ground-breaking Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core, the possibilities are endless. You can almost always find a flavor to perfectly satisfy your ice cream void. Even something about the pint-size carton makes it seem that much more of a delicacy, like you are truly treating yourself.

Especially as stressed out college students, we have to remember to set aside things for ourselves. We have to remember to do things that make us happy and ease our day, to indulge every once in a while; without this, we just might go crazy. We work hard and play hard, and goddamnit we deserve it. Sometimes a quiet night of Ben & Jerry’s, wine and Netflix is exactly what the doctor ordered. You will be amazed at how many problems this triple-threat combination can solve.

So Ben & Jerry’s, I thank you for being there for me, listening to my problems, and assuring me that nothing is as big of a deal as I may think it is. Thank you for being the perfect comfort food, picking me up just when I needed it, assuring me that no problem was too big to handle. Thank you for relieving my stress and calming my worries. You were there for me just when I needed it. For you, Ben & Jerry’s, I am thankful.

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