We started off as two strangers who coincidentally met in a chemistry class over the summer, but now we are best friends. Roommates aren't easy. Living in a small apartment with four girls and two cats is far from easy. It definitely challenges you day in and day out because as we all know: no two personalities are alike. However, I got blessed. I am forever grateful for the roommate that became my best friend.

We instantly clicked. This did make things much easier, but we definitely had our big fights too, (big enough that I even moved across the apartment at one point, which is just something we laugh about now!) At the end of the day, we have become so connected and so close that we have really grounded each other throughout these crazy college years. The best part of it all was how unexpected it was.

I always dreaded the idea of ever having roommates. My brother and I live on separate floors back home, and I 100% enjoyed the distance. So naturally, moving in with three other girls into a tiny space did not sound ideal. A lot of the times it wasn't ideal, but I'd like to think we made it work pretty well in the end. I'd like to think we made it more than 'just work'. We supported one another. We cared for one another. We looked out for another. I can't ever stop saying thank you for all the hangover cures that were provided, dinners that were cooked, rides to class that were given, and so much more.

This age and these years are so stressful on a young adult both physically and mentally. We each struggled with both of these many times over the years we lived together. However, neither of us ever struggled alone. We became each other's go-to. The other was always there to help out in a time of need, without having to even ask. It was almost if we had our own unspoken language. We just got each other. We genuinely had such a clear understanding of the other person because we took the time to get to know each other, and wow, I am so thankful.

So to my roommate, as we have to say goodbye, I can never stop saying thank you. My years at Michigan State University would have never been the same without you. Our apartment wouldn't have become home without you. The great memories I've made wouldn't be there without you. The rough times and bad days I've made it through are thanks to you. My constant survival because you cook for me almost every day has me in forever debt to you. Thank you for being you.