An Open Letter To My College Roommate

An Open Letter To My College Roommate

I can never stop saying thank you to my roommate who became my best friend.


We started off as two strangers who coincidentally met in a chemistry class over the summer, but now we are best friends. Roommates aren't easy. Living in a small apartment with four girls and two cats is far from easy. It definitely challenges you day in and day out because as we all know: no two personalities are alike. However, I got blessed. I am forever grateful for the roommate that became my best friend.

We instantly clicked. This did make things much easier, but we definitely had our big fights too, (big enough that I even moved across the apartment at one point, which is just something we laugh about now!) At the end of the day, we have become so connected and so close that we have really grounded each other throughout these crazy college years. The best part of it all was how unexpected it was.

I always dreaded the idea of ever having roommates. My brother and I live on separate floors back home, and I 100% enjoyed the distance. So naturally, moving in with three other girls into a tiny space did not sound ideal. A lot of the times it wasn't ideal, but I'd like to think we made it work pretty well in the end. I'd like to think we made it more than 'just work'. We supported one another. We cared for one another. We looked out for another. I can't ever stop saying thank you for all the hangover cures that were provided, dinners that were cooked, rides to class that were given, and so much more.

This age and these years are so stressful on a young adult both physically and mentally. We each struggled with both of these many times over the years we lived together. However, neither of us ever struggled alone. We became each other's go-to. The other was always there to help out in a time of need, without having to even ask. It was almost if we had our own unspoken language. We just got each other. We genuinely had such a clear understanding of the other person because we took the time to get to know each other, and wow, I am so thankful.

So to my roommate as we have to say goodbye; I can never stop saying thank you. My years at Michigan State University would have never been the same without you. Our apartment wouldn't have become home without you. The great memories I've made wouldn't be there without you. The rough times and bad days I've made it through are thanks to you. My constant survival because you cook for me almost every day has me in forever debt to you. Thank you for being you.

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An Open Letter To The Boy That Broke Me

I finally learned who I am and what I deserve.


Dear _____,

It's been almost two years since I worked up the strength and the courage to leave you, but some things from you still haunt me to this day. You haven't tried to contact me since November, but I feel like I constantly have to watch my back in the library, in the dining halls, at work, just to make sure that I don't have you watching me from afar.

We were only 15 when you asked me to be your girlfriend. Fifteen. If only I knew the things that you would put me through for the next four years. If only I knew the absolute heartbreak and sadness that would be awaiting me.

Things were so great in the beginning. We were best friends. We did everything side-by-side. So many milestones were met while we were together. Getting our learners' permits, then our licenses. Singing duets together at voice recitals. Applying to colleges, getting our acceptances, choosing where we were going to school. Graduating and then moving down to college.

But I should have known better. We weren't going to live happily ever after.

There were warning signs from the very beginning. 6 months into our relationship I caught you texting an ex-girlfriend. I ignored it. Two years in, I found out that you cheated on me with someone who claimed she was my friend. I forgave you. Three years in, you broke up with me right before we moved into college, just to continue to watch my every move to make sure that I didn't do something you didn't like. You said you didn't want to meet anyone else, that you wanted to marry me. But then why did you find a new girl, not even a week after leaving me and breaking my heart?

You kept me on a string. I would've done anything for you just to make you happy. I was dependent on you, and it never should have been that way. The constant lies, emotional abuse, and manipulation caused me to lose sight of who I was completely. I didn't even know who I was anymore. I used to be so carefree and happy before you got ahold of me. I never even realized how much power you held over me until I escaped you and our toxic relationship.

You told me you loved me and that you gave me everything and I gave you nothing in return. You told me that I never tried hard enough and that I was selfish. You said that you would love me no matter what. But you didn't love me the way that I deserved and wanted to be loved.

Real love is genuine, compassionate, unconditional, and true.

You didn't love me like that. You wanted control over me. You didn't want anyone else to have me. You felt as if you owned me. I didn't deserve that, but I was too naive, too scared to leave you because I didn't know who I would be without you.

The worst thing that you did was make me feel as if I was unworthy of love.

You told me that nobody would ever care for me like you do. You said that I will never find someone else who will take the time to love me and know me as much as you did. You made me feel absolutely worthless, heartbroken and lost. I don't know if I will ever be able to fully forgive you for the way you made me feel.

I just want you to know, that I am finally happy. I never needed you. All you did was break me. Tear me down. Make me feel as if I wasn't good enough for you or for anybody else. Now, I know who I am. I'm no longer scared of loving again and opening up to someone. I have found someone who loves me in the most beautiful way possible. Someone with the purest, sweetest, and most compassionate soul. He lifts me up and helps me grow and be successful and become the very best, strongest version of myself.

And you know what? That's what I deserved all along.



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6 Ways To Save Money As A Broke College Student

Money saving tips so you can afford adult life while also paying for an expensive tuition.


It is difficult to work, attend college, and make all your payments on rent, tuition, and bills, (not to mention finding a little money to spare on yourself). These are six ways to save that have helped me in this money stressful time and that you should use too in order to reduce the expenses of adulting.

1. Saving money on rent.

Apartments are cheaper than houses because most include some of the bills in the rent cost. Make sure to check what amenities apartments offer such as free wi-fi, trash removal, or water included. When choosing roommates the more the better for cost. You should get at least one roommate because it is difficult to afford even a studio apartment living on your own. If you want pets you should choose a place that doesn't have pet rent because even if you have a large non-refundable pet fee it is cheaper in the long run then paying twenty a month per animal.

2. Saving money on bills.

If you choose to live in an apartment complex, having an apartment on a higher floor will make your electric bill cheaper in the winter because heat rises. Even though your electric bill will be higher in the summer you can afford to work more because classes won't be in session. When purchasing light bulbs get ones that are energy efficient and use lights with batteries to help save on the electric bill. Also make sure to turn off all lights when you aren't in the room. You can save water by not running the faucet when you brush your teeth. Anyway you can think to conserve water and energy use that to your advantage.

3. Saving money on food.

Your best friend is buying in bulk when you go to get groceries. I personally buy ten pound ground beef logs, cut them up, and place them in the freezer to use later. Everything is cheaper when you buy in bulk and you save time grocery shopping. If you don't know how to cook now is the time to learn because frozen and fast food eats up your money. You should also go to your local food bank if you are really struggling because everyone has to eat. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it! Going without food to pay your rent is not something anyone should have to do.

4. Saving money on furniture.

You should buy used if at all possible when finding furniture for your apartment or house. Living in a college town has its perks because people are constantly moving you can find great deals at garage sales or on craigslist. For instance I got my couch for free, I just had to move it out of a graduating students apartment. You can also check out thrift stores and consignment shops in your town.

5. Saving money on entertainment.

There are a lot of deals and discounts for college students so take advantage of that for entertainment.. For example movie theaters usually offer a student discount and if you go to a matinee showing, tickets are even cheaper. Find out when your local bar's happy hour is and use it. Also see what meal deals are offered by restaurants around you, such as 3 items for 10 or specials on Thursday nights. You can also use apps to find coupons, my personal favorite being pocket points because it rewards you for studying.

6. Saving money and side hustles.

Put back money during the summer in order to have a backup fund for when things get crazy busy during the school year. Scope out banks and find out what interests they offer on savings accounts in order to increase the amount of money you have saved over the years. If you need extra money you can get paid for donating plasma and you can sometimes find research studies that will offer participants cash for things as simple as just an opinion. There are also baby sitting and pet sitting apps you can download to get one time gigs if you are low on funds for the month.

These are all great tips that I have been taught or have learned living as a broke college student. It isn't easy living life in the adult world and pursuing a degree at the same time. I hope these tips will help you save money and keep you out of hard times.

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