Many kids grow up watching fairytale movies, and dream about having that fairytale wedding. Recently, a royal wedding that I think many people have heard about took place in Windsor, England. In the United States, many people woke up at the wee hours of the morning waiting for the royal events to start and to see the American princess marry her prince.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex definitely did NOT dissapoint. From the cake to the minister and of course the gowns! Everything was filled with class and included hints of modern change from tradition that is usually seen with the monarchy. Behind the titles and behind all of the press, is an American woman who is her own person and made herself into the success that she is today.

I really did not who Meghan Markle was before her engagement to Prince Harry, and it wasn't until recently that I realized what all the craze was surrounding who she is. I happen to see a video of Meghan speaking at the UN Women in 2015. She spoke of a time in her young age where she seen an issue, and she sought to make a difference:

I found a load of respect for her, and I find a lot of motivation from what she said in her speech. It is greatly important to speak up for yourself and to not allow yourself to be shoved to the side. My dad used to always tell me to "speak up" and make yourself be heard. Well, I couldn't agree more. Speak up for yourself, speak up for others, and more or less speak up for what you think could make the world around you a better place. The American princess has become a great role model for people across the globe, and has expressed the importance of being true to yourself and in what you believe.

Whether or not you watched the fabulous royal wedding, you cannot deny that the message put forth by the new Duchess of Sussex is one that we have all heard before. Whether it was from parents, mentors, or even fairytale stories.

"Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone."