Amy And The Inconsiderate Guy
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Amy And The Inconsiderate Guy

Just remember the other person has feelings too

Amy And The Inconsiderate Guy

For most people, college is a place for firsts. First time away from home, relationships, parties, and experimenting with new things. In this day and age, there is a whole hype about hookup culture, where you have "a thing" with someone, but there is no label on it. Sometimes it's mutual, where both people don't hookup with anyone else except each other. Other times, one person hooks up with a lot more other people while the other person just strictly hooks up with that one person. Lastly, the two people hookup with whoever they want and also with each other with no strings attached.

Near the end of first semester freshman year, Amy found herself talking to this kid from her campus. Sometimes they talked everyday, and other times they didn't talk at all. They were just friends and it was great. However, near the middle of the second semester they started talking again and "hanging out." Amy was caught off guard because she wasn't the one to do things like this - never in a million years. However, it didn't really feel like a hookup situation, because they texted each other constantly and it was as if they were in an unlabeled relationship. Things were going rather fine, at least for that year.

Over the summer, they talked here and there and were just doing their own things and, when second year started, they started doing the same thing again. Again, it didn't feel any different because they talked to each other constantly. However, one day, it all just changed instantly without a reason. Soon the texts only consisted of late night "you up?" or "come over" from Thursday to Saturday.

After that, the texting stopped because A****e's phone stopped "working." It moved onto Snapchat texts, and then he deleted Amy off of snapchat. Then it moved onto Facebook messenger. All her friends told her that she was being used and that she should block this kid out of everything, but she refused to believe that because A) She liked to see the good in everyone and B) He was just so nice.

Until one day, she went to a party and he was there too. He preceded to make out with someone right there in front of Amy. They were never really boyfriend and girlfriend, but it still hurt. Now, Amy wasn't one to express emotions, but on that day, for the first time in her life, she cried over a person.

She wasn't angry, but she was disappointed in herself. The fact that she genuinely looked forward to Thursday nights and the weekend for those texts. The fact that she blamed herself and thought of an excuse when her friends told her to leave him. It's just a really shitty feeling waking up the next day not to hear from the other person for five days and feeling guilty. It just isn't the way to live life. The amount of stress, pressure... her grades suffering certainly wasn't worth it.

As disappointing as this situation was, she's thankful. So thank you for showing her how a guy isn't supposed to treat a girl. Thank you for showcasing to her what she shouldn't look for in a guy, and just thank you.

Words of advice: the next time you bring a girl home, just remember that she has feelings too and that yours aren't the only ones that matter.

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