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Welcome To AmeriKKKa

Please take a seat and we'll determine your worth.

Welcome To AmeriKKKa

Before I start this article, I want you to take a moment and about think how many more people have to die for you and me to do something about this. How many more Sandra Blands and Alton Sterlings, until we genuinely stand up and protest police brutality? There needs to be peace and humanity in the world, but we're the only ones that can change it. How many more people have to die?

AmeriKKKa was birthed in the early 1700s, digging its immigrant roots in the jugulars of Native Americans, and its reign of terror has forever lived on. With recent financial support of the current holocaust against Palestinians, and judicial defense for severe police corruption and brutality against the black community (and frankly, anyone of color), our country never ceases to be traditionally violent. The United States is not a land of unity and freedom, but rather bloodshed and consistently upheld injustices.

Although I appreciate your now lack of public lynching and setting houses ablaze, AmeriKKKa; an invisible, systematically-fueled racism death machine, and racist, power-driven armed officers are just as bad. Everyday men and women are losing their lives due to the color of their skin because of a faulty judicial system that refuses to act as its title, as it consistently ignores the serial killers that we call our police. Thankfully, due to smartphones, we are now able to record some of these events to ensure the heinous do not walk free.

Well, actually, I am mistaken. In the United States, the heinous always walk free. The heinous are protected, paid and worshiped, as their legacy salary has always run on the other's blood.

In April, the Washington Post reported that of the thousands of police shootings that have occurred since 2005, just 54 officers were charged—an average of about five officers a year. In the final weeks of 2015, that number has reached 17.

It's clear that one of two things must be occurring. Either the police are brutally assaulting our citizens, or our citizens are utterly fucking insane maniacs who go on killing sprees consistently. Now listen here. I am born and raised Chicago, Wicker Park; someone who has walked all over Chicago time and time again; has taken the train and bus literally everywhere for years, at all hours of the day and night, as I worked constantly at various locations. And I have yet to see these large masses of maniac citizens that would warrant officers to shoot at this rate. And I am from Chicago. Below, you will find a picture of police brutality made in 2005, which was answered by officers.

Consider the large number of officers I've personally seen harassing people of color, countless lives taken within just the past few years and not to mention the hundreds of years of slaughter, kidnapping and rape: Let's not forget we, as a country, are founded on the genocide of Native Americans, have had concentration camps for the Japanese and our national budget still financially aids terrorism in the holocaust against Palestinians overseas. It's then logical to note that our police and military are assaulting and murdering at extreme rates. Note: Every person(s) the United States continues to commit atrocities against are people of color, whether they be of African, Arab or Latin American descent, both domestic and foreign, our country politically and forcefully demands a globally white AmeriKKKa.

I have witnessed countless incidents of police harassing and being physically aggressive towards others. I've even seen a homeless man who was sleeping get harassed. I would also like to state on the lowest of keys that I have encountered the police multiple times, and never once have they been aggressive towards me. However, my skin is white, so what does this mean? This means I get privilege in the United States, it means I can sit and live freely without worry that today might be my last day due to a rabid police force. And if you're a white male, it even means you can commit crimes, legally, as our judicial system has not, in any way, been consistent in upholding the law. Every day murderers walk free, as another father, sister and cousin are taken from their families.

In Chicago, from 2009-2013, blacks were 32.3 percent of the city’s population but were 75 percent of police shooting victims.

Below is another survey completed by officers to see their stance on the matter. Please note that in each instance, white officers were less likely to be aware or considerate of the crimes.

It shouldn't take hundreds of years for us to figure out that 2 + 2 = 4. Either you encourage education or not. This country pushes for degrees, but God forbid you have any type of intelligence. This country will swallow you whole and then vomit you out for everyone to mock. Or if you're black, they'll shoot you.

Why have justice when they can just murder and make money? People's lives are consistently disregarded in our country, tossed aside or left in the cafeteria to rot. Enough is enough. How many more Pousseys have to die for white audiences to understand?

I single out whites because you have a specific responsibility to speak out, as you have the privilege to have someone actually listen. We need to stand together and use our our privilege and voices to protect each other. Silence is violence. There is a huge lack of support, respect and safety for not only the black community, but every person of color in and outside of our country. Ethnic cleansing is encouraged by U.S. police departments, and then funded financially by our country through AIPAC. The bloodshed never ends.

Update: While writing this article, I went on Facebook and witnessed yet again another disturbing incident that involves an officer abusing power. Another black male shot by a police officer during a traffic stop. Not one day goes by that a black life isn't lost at the hands of our police.

Police reform must occur immediately, as our country more and more becomes a police state. In a country where activists die at the hands of law enforcement and murderers are set free with a pat on the back, this blood-drenched pit of a cult needs complete refinement and new laws protecting citizens from future psychopaths. Seeing as the police are supposedly a force for protection, should they not be held to a high standard? Unfortunately, in our country, they are held to no standard.

Criminal activity and bloodshed is normal activity for our officers. Our judicial system, time and time, again has proven to take no action against these murderers. These men and women are armed, and have proven that the majority cannot be trusted. With death rates skyrocketing, how many more bullets need to fly for us to put an end to the police state?

How many more times do we have to beg for our government and police to stop taking lives? I ask you again, because it is 2016 and for some reason, we're both still just sitting here.

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