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Retro Movie review: 7 Reasons To Rewatch Classic 2001 Movie 'America’s Sweethearts'

Hollywood on Hollywood has never been so funny

Retro Movie review: 7 Reasons To Rewatch Classic 2001 Movie 'America’s Sweethearts'

I'm about to spend my fall semester in LA. If the movie industry turns out to be half as ludicrous as portrayed in America's Sweethearts, I will be one happy gal. This movie is a self-effacing autobiography by Hollywood, so you gotta love it right there. It's also star-studded. Usually, this indicates that a movie sucks, and the casting director had to make the turd marketable. But in the case of America's Sweethearts, the cast is absolutely magic. You'll find that all my reasons for watching this classic are the actors in the film:

1. John Cusack & Catherine Zeta-Jones as The Dysfunctional Hollywood Couple of Your Dreams


Adultery, jealousy, homicidal fantasies…they really are the whole package. Feeling insecure about your relationship or a lack thereof? Take a look...

2. Julia Roberts as fat


I always love Julia Roberts simply because she's Julia Roberts. But in this movie, she has a Monica-Geller-Fat-Past which is hysterical.

3. Alan Arkin as the guru


Long white hair. Eastern philosophy. Nuff said.

4. Hank Azaria as Hector, the Spaniard


Pronounces "Pussy Boy" as "Puthy Boy"…

5. Stanley Tucci as the heartless studio executive


Was he more despicable as the killer in The Lovely Bones, or as the exec who systematically ruins people's lives? It's a toss-up.

6. Billy Crystal as the publicist with a big heart


I love this man.

7. Christopher Walken as himself


I saved the best for last. He doesn't actually play C.W. but I think this gif is worth a thousand words.

Too often, romantic comedies aren't actually...comedic. America's Sweethearts is a comedy with romantic undertones. (Ladies and gents alike can love this movie.) I recently struck a deal with my brother where I agreed to watch a zombie movie of his choosing if he would watch America's Sweethearts. I got the hot end of that curling iron...

It's on Netflix. Watch it.

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