The singing competition show that started it all, American Idol, is back. The show that brought us Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson has returned, merely two years after it had ended.

To start off the reboot, Idol had a cute montage of how important music is, and how the show can change a contestant's life. The montage ends with the voice over revealing that it has been Carrie Underwood (who many argue to be the most successful after her time on the show, but I won't get into that) speaking the whole time, and saying how she knows this to be true because she has lived it and is proof.

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The three new judges are Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. All three have led majorly successful music careers, are hopeful to find the next big superstar, and help guide them to fame.

Ryan Seacrest is back to host, which has many people on edge with all the news and allegations that has been coming up about him recently.

The first contestant of the new show, Catie Turner, was exactly what the show needed to start out the new series: An awkward, yet talented teenager who was obsessed with the show previously.

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Turner auditioned for the show with an original song that detests social media, something the show really needed, as many people were not loving the reboot.

In addition to all this, there seems to be no 'new Simon.' All the coaches let the artists butcher whole parts of songs before stopping them, whereas the beloved former "Idol" coach Simon Cowell would raise his hand to stop them after the first bar. Each of these coaches have told singers who can't find a key that they should try again next year, and never give up singing, when some of these people, truth be told, should never sing again (sorry not sorry).

This year's contestants were explained best by a joke from Seacrest when he asked, "am I getting older, or are all the contestants getting younger?" And he's right, the majority of all that have auditioned this year so far, at least it feels, have been either 15, 16, or 17 years old.

Overall I think that American Idol has to prove themselves again, now that titan The Voice is here and kicking butt at awards and has a very fun structure for viewers to watch.

American Idol is on every Sunday and Monday nights, starting at 8:00pm EST.