If You Want America To Reopen, Start Wearing Masks
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If You Want America To Reopen ASAP, You Better Be First In Line To Start Wearing Masks

No, it is not a choice. Listen to the healthcare professionals, please.

If You Want America To Reopen ASAP, You Better Be First In Line To Start Wearing Masks

We are in the middle of a pandemic, people. This is not a joke or some "altered reality" conspiracy. There are real people who are sick and dying as we speak. The purpose of this article is not to scare you or force my opinions onto you, but rather to educate you on the stupidity we are beginning to see in our country.

If you haven't already seen the above photo circulating, you might be wondering: Why is someone protesting wearing a mask? Seems silly, doesn't it? Well, some people don't think so. They believe the government is overreaching by asking them to wear these masks. I live in Miami, where you can't walk into any establishment without a mask.

But they are implementing this rule for our own good, not because it's some political scheme.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of the mask itself. Just today, I was picking up groceries at Target and let me tell you, they are stuffy and uncomfortable. But we wear them for a reason: to flatten the curve, to protect ourselves from getting the virus, and to prevent ourselves from giving it to someone else. You could be a carrier and not even know it. That is why the masks are important.

The poster in the photo above reads, "My body, my choice."



Let me present an argument here, then. Let's say there's a person on trial for murder. This person admits to the murder but argues it's their body that killed the person and their choice to do so. Well, it's not just their body, it's the victim's body as well. I know this seems a little extreme but stay with me. If you're wandering around with no mask on, and you catch the virus without knowing, you're carrying it around and you wouldn't know to put on a mask, because you wouldn't know you're a carrier. In essence, you could pass that on without even knowing it. You could pass it on to someone who's at a risk for this virus, someone who could die. Now, I'm not saying these people who are "opting out" of wearing a mask are cold-blooded murderers, but by not wearing a mask, you're not just putting yourself in danger, you're putting others in danger as well.

It would be one thing if it were only about you. That I understand, you wanna catch it, go ahead, that's on you. But, the fact that this virus is extremely contagious is the reason we wear masks. No one likes this. No one wants this. We're all going stir-crazy in our homes. But the more nonsense that we cause, the more we perpetuate this situation. I saw this tweet a while back that made me chuckle, but it's completely accurate.

We are all living like silly kindergarteners who can't stop talking during class. Please, for the love of God, stay home, wash your hands, and WEAR A MASK. I want to go to recess already.

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