Top 8 Christmas Gifts To Buy On Amazon For Under $20

I know I would rather be cozy by the fire and save some money than get into a fist fight on black Friday...Here are some cute holiday gifts for under $20!

1. A Sherpa Blanket 

Who doesn't love a cute sherpa blanket to keep them cozy... and only for $20.

2. Colorful Crew Socks

Cozy boot socks will always come in handy

3. Cozy campfire mug

You can never have too many cute mugs.

4. Coffee/Tea infuser travel mug

This is convenient for any tea or coffee lover on the go

5. Trendy phone case

Can't go wrong with a subtle but cute phone case to protect it the 3 times you drop it each day

7. Wall tapestry 

Tapestries always make cute photo backgrounds :)

8. Succulents

Really no caption needed for how cute these are.

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