I'll be in my own classroom in roughly two years and already I'm searching for the best deals and most efficient items to have in my classroom. It's an exciting time but boy can it be expensive. After doing some research, here are some of my favorite finds.

1. AmazonBasics Laminator 

I purchased this during my junior year when I had an assignment to made a PECS book. Not only is the $21.99 price very appealing, but the machine is VERY easy to use. I ordered the laminating pouches with the machine and they were wonderful too!

2. Praxis II Exam Secrets Study Book 

Sure, you can order practice materials through the Praxis website when you sign up for your test, but I found this gem and it's a keeper. The book goes in depth on all the material you need to know for the test as well as practice materials.

3. Fidget Chair Bands

While this item is sort of subjective and depends on your class, may cause more disruption than ease, for the students that need it the price is nice and so is the convenience.

4. Classroom Caddies

A classroom I subbed in had these for all the student's tables and I had an "ah-ha" moment. These caddies make it so easy to have anything the students may need during seatwork time. It also makes it easy to keep track of inventory.

5. Chalktastic Chalk

My middle school CT raved about these! They only erase with wet paper towels (so water) which is super convenient.

6. Dry Erase Pockets 

These are awesome tools for test prep or practice materials. By using these you're not going through copious copies.

I can't wait to make my future classroom my own. By doing some research ahead of time, I'm hoping I'll find the best deals and pieces to make the room home.