I Am NOT, And Will NEVER Be, The Girl Who 'Likes Winter'

Every year the seasons change.

And every year is the avoidable and dreadful winter that comes too. There are the people who are adapted to winter and the extremely cold weather, and there's some who aren't.

Like me.

I am from Florida so I have that warm, summer blood in my veins. There's a lot of perks to winter, don't get me wrong, but there's also a lot of cons that come with it. I'm already naturally a cold person, I get cold if the temperature gets below 60 degrees.

For starters, I personally do not enjoy walking around in 20 degree weather, I don't know of anyone who really does. Who wants to wear a million layers of clothing just to step outside?! When I'm out and about or walking around campus, I don't like struggling to stay warm and shivering for an hour. Or when your fingers get so numb that you can't touch the screen on your phone or type on your laptop. walking outside clutching your coffee as tight as you can to keep your hands warm.

Also, the cold weather and wind make your nose all runny and gross. You start to get sick and your nose gets all frozen. And your ears, if you don't wear the proper headgear, your ears in big trouble.

Another thing, how about when you come inside from being outside? You literally feel like your fingers and toes are thawing out. And then you get all hot and sweaty because of the temperature change inside. Whenever that happens, I feel like I'm going to burst into flames. Along with frozen fingers and toes, you get chapped lips and dry skin. Constantly licking your lips or reapplying chapstick to keep them moisturized. Or constantly putting on lotion to keep your hands from getting too dried out. One of my biggest things that I struggle with during the winter is always itching my legs because they're ALWAYS so dried out and it's not always a convenient time for lotion my legs.

However, there are few good things that I do find about winter and enjoy very much. My favorite thing about winter are the clothes. I think winter clothes are the absolute cutest. I love being able to dress up cute and cozy.

When winter comes around, that means it's also holiday season. The holidays is the best part about the winter season. It provides perfect opportunity for family time and happiness. And there's also a lot of fun traditions and activities to do during the winter like bonfires, Christmas light sightseeing, building snowmen(if you live in an area where it snows a lot), and more.

Though I can see the brighter side of things, I will still always be a person who does not like winter. It's definitely not my favorite season. I don't like having to wear a million layers of clothes and I just hate being cold.

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