When I talk to people about adopting a dog, instead of buying a puppy, they often defend their refusal to it with, "Well, I don't want a misbehaved dog." Which is understandable, but the truth is most of the dogs in animal shelters aren't misbehaved, they're just lonely. So, to people who choose to buy puppies instead of adopting a dog from your local animal shelter, I have a scenario for you.

You have a dog, right? Now think about how much you love your dog, and how much you brag about it. Say life took some unfortunate turns and as much as you wished you could, you no longer had the time or money to take care of your beloved pet. Do you think someone else could love your dog as much as you do? Of course you do, it's a great animal, and if you have to give it up you want it to go to a new home that can treat it just as good as you could. You know your dog won't have accidents in the house, and it won't ever try to bite one of it's new humans, so you want the best for it.

Well, why would it be different for any dog in the shelter? Life happens sometimes, and beloved pets have to be surrendered to the shelter, hoping they receive the second chance at love they deserve. Not because they're a bad dog, but because for one reason or another they are no longer receiving the love and attention they need.

Just think, when you adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy, you are giving a loving, loyal dog a second chance at having a family. And you could be the person to give them it.

Give an abandoned dog the chance at a new beginning, and I guarantee it will change your life.