Five Reasons It's Hard Being A Girl

Its always been tough being a girl and here are the reasons boys don't understand how hard it is to be a girl.

1. Doing your hair and makeup.

It takes awhile for girls just to get there hair perfect like to straighten it and curl it which takes awhile to do. Another thing that can take awhile is doing your makeup from your eye-shadow to putting on foundation everyday. It take a lot just to do your hair and makeup done for the day.

2. Picking out an outfit.

It takes a little bit just to pick out your shirt then you have to match your shirt with your pants and if the top and bottom don't match than you have to completely change your outfit. Once you get the look you are wanting, that's when you can start looking for a pair of shoes that will look good with the outfit. If the shoes don't look good then you have to change it until the shoes look good with the perfect.

3. Always trying to stay fit and skinny.

Girl always like to go to the gym and go for a run just to stay fit and healthy, that is just to stay skinny. They also like to eat healthy like a salad, fruit and drink water. It's always hard to stay fit, skinny, and workout during the summer or on vacation.

4. Taking awhile to shower to get ready for the day.

Girls always take forever to take a shower because they have to wash there hair first with shampoo then we have to condition our hair to make it soft. Then what takes awhile to do in the shower is to shave, which is a pain to do because it's always a process to do and you always cut yourself shaving after you open up that new razor.

5. Carrying a baby.

Girls have to carry a baby for nine months and go though all of these body changes like gaining weight and getting bigger each month. When it's time to have the baby the girls have to deal with so much pain.

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