This Week In Music: The Third Annual Alternative Press Music Awards
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This Week In Music: The Third Annual Alternative Press Music Awards

Winners List

This Week In Music:  The Third Annual Alternative Press Music Awards
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Everyone loves award ceremonies: MTV Movie Awards, CMAs, Academy Awards, Tonys. I can guarantee you that the Alternative Press Music Awards is nothing like your typical award show. I mean, where else can you see Babymetal perform with Rob Halford of Judas Priest? Or see The Ghost Inside get up to accept an award after having been in recovery from a terrible bus accident in which their driver and the driver of the semi-truck who hit them both perished? Absolutely nowhere else, but the APMAS.

The Third Annual Alternative Press Music Awards aired July 18, 2016, livestreaming on and, from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. The hosts: Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth from the rock band, All Time Low. There were many guests throughout the night, both performing and presenting awards. (Of course, my favorites would have to be Andy Black, Motionless In White, Pierce The Veil, and Mayday Parade.) There were many awards given out including Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best International Band, Best Music Video, Most Dedicated Fanbase and the coveted Album of the Year.

Since I'm a huge fan of Alternative Press and of many of the bands that are featured in the music mag (and I have watched the award show since it began two years ago), I decided to jot down the winners of each category. The winners are in bold.

Best Vocalist:

Alex Gaskarth--All Time Low

Caleb Shomo--Beartooth

Patrick Stump--Fall Out Boy

Lzzy Hale--Halestorm

Kellin Quinn--Sleeping With Sirens

Corey Taylor--Slipknot

Best Guitarist:

Kevin Skaff--A Day To Remember

JB Brubaker--August Burns Red

Kellen McGregor--Memphis May Fire

Chad Gilbert--New Found Glory

Misha Mansoor--Periphery

Jack Fowler--Sleeping With Sirens

Best Bassist:

Ralph Sica--Being As An Ocean

Skyler Acord--Issues

Ryan Neff--Miss May I

Matthew Taylor--Motion City Soundtrack

Ahren Stringer--The Amity Affliction

Kelen Capener--The Story So Far

Best Drummer:

Christian Coma--Black Veil Brides

Loniel Robinson--letlive.

Jerod Boyd--Miss May I

Dani Washington--Neck Deep

Maxx Danziger--Set It Off

Aaron Gillespie--Underoath

Best International Band:

As It Is (United Kingdom)

Babymetal (Japan)

Marianas Trench (Canada)

One OK Rock (Japan)

Parkway Drive (Australia)

You Me At Six (United Kingdom)

Best Music Video:

All Time Low--"Something's Gotta Give"

August Burns Red--"Identity"

Panic! At The Disco--"Emperor's New Clothes"

State Champs--"If I'm Lucky"

The Wonder Years--"Cardinals"

Twenty One Pilots--"Stressed Out"

Song Of The Year:

Falling In Reverse--"Just Like You"

Never Shout Never--"Hey! We OK"

Of Mice & Men--"Would You Still Be There"

Panic! At The Disco--"Hallelujah"

Pierce The Veil--"The Divine Zero"

State Champs--"Secrets"

Best Live Band:




Motionless In White

Neck Deep


Artist Philanthropic:

Andrew McMahon--Dear Jack Foundation

Jake Luhrs--HeartSupport

The Used--Living The Dream

The Wonder Years--Puppies Behind Bars, After School All-Stars, The Herren Project, Futures Without Violence

This Wild Life--National Breast Cancer Foundation

You Me At Six--Passport Back To The Bars, The Ghost Inside U.K. Fundraiser, PETA

Most Dedicated Fanbase:


Mayday Parade

New Years Day


The Ghost Inside

The Maine

Breakthrough Band:

I Prevail

Knuckle Puck

Neck Deep

New Years Day

Set It Off

State Champs

Best Underground Band:

Cane Hill


Moose Blood


Tiny Moving Parts

Too Close To Touch

Album Of The Year:

All Time Low--Future Hearts

August Burns Red--Found In Far Away Places

Bring Me The Horizon--That's The Spirit

Knuckle Puck--Copacetic

The Maine--American Candy

Marilyn Manson--The Pale Emperor

Neck Deep--Life's Not Out To Get You

Sleeping With Sirens--Madness

State Champs--Around The World And Back

Twenty One Pilots--Blurryface

Artist Of The Year:

All Time Low



Fall Out Boy

Motionless In White

Panic! At The Disco

Real Friends

Sleeping With Sirens


Twenty One Pilots

Off The Wall Award Recipient: Yellowcard

Classic Album Recipient: Good Charlotte--The Young And The Hopeless

Icon Award Recipient: Marilyn Manson

Congratulations to all the Skully winners, and congratulations to Jack Barakat, the first ever APMAS elected Presidental Candidate!

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