All the Words We Cannot Find Ourselves
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All the Words We Cannot Find Ourselves

Writers Keeping Poetry Relevant Via Social Media

All the Words We Cannot Find Ourselves

Poetry is a beautiful expression of art and one of the most endearing forms of writing. As a result of books becoming decreasingly popular with the rise of technology, poetry has simultaneously begun to dwindle. However, social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, have encouraged many writers to share their thoughts and feelings, inspiring followers with every post. Poets have recently taken the world by storm once more: this time through the use of captions and graphic art. Here are some of my favorite already-famous and on-the-rise poets who are touching thousands of hearts daily.

1. Tyler Knott Gregson (@tylerknott)

Tyler Knott is one of the better-known poets on social media. I had the pleasure of hearing him speak a few months back and an overwhelming number of people proclaimed that Gregson had saved their lives with his words in their darkest hour. Gregson's poetry is the kind that makes you blush because he seems to know exactly what readers are thinking- even if you want to keep those thoughts a secret. He has a way with placing emotions we think no one else feels or understands on paper. Tyler Knott Gregson won the world over with his unique "typewriter series," "blackout poetry," and writing daily haikus. He has released two books entitled Chasers of the Light and All the Words are Yours.

2. R.M. Drake (@rmdrk)

R.M. Drake is another popular poet on Instagram. Many celebrities have discovered his poetry and endorse him on their pages so he gained followers quickly. His poems are very deep and touch on the grand schemes of life and love. He tells a story with his words, all the while leaving mystery about exactly who and what the work is about. He has released two recent books entitled Black Butterfly and Beautiful Chaos.

3. Christopher Poindexter (@christopherpoindexter)

Poindexter has been circulating through Pinterest boards for some time now. He uses strong metaphors discussing the stars and the universe, tells tales of love, and bluntly states how he feels and wishes to feel. Poindexter often discusses what makes us humans, our many flaws and intentions, and what it's like to be lonely. Everyone can learn something from his poetry. He released a book last year entitled Naked Human.

3. Beau Taplin (@beautaplin)

It's not easy to pick a favorite among these poets, but Beau Taplin just might be mine. Taplin has a true gift- if you are ever looking to justify your feelings, or beg the question "why is life this way?" then an answer can likely by found in one of his poems. Taplin is a rising star on both Pinterest and Instagram. His infamous short paragraph forms of simple text explain life's phenomenons and are often full of wit. Beau Taplin is the author of The Wild Heart and has several books ready for pre-order.

4. Jessica Katoff (@jessicakatoff)

Katoff is a lesser known poet that has a lot of potential. She is gaining continued support through her social media platform. Her poems are short and get right to the point. The author seems to have endured some serious heartache, and her writing tells stories anyone can claim as their own plot and characters because every sentence is so relatable. Katoff keeps a blog, Instagram, and is the mastermind behind the book What You Left Behind.

5. Rudy Francisco (@rudyfrancisco)

Francisco has developed a large Instagram following and his kind spirit and old soul exudes with every picture and poem he posts. His fans adore him and the way his sweet poems can put a smile on any reader's face. The beauty behind Rudy Francisco is his unique ability to touch on serious and relevant topics in such simple words. He has even won several poetry slam championships. Francisco's book is entitled Getting Stitches and consists of sixteen short poems.

6. Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_)

There is something so raw and vulnerable about Rupi Kaur's writing style. Her poems are perfect for anyone who has been hurt, and she realizes that pain is something that must be felt in life, but poetry can help us feel it and recover. Kaur often touches on darker subjects such as abuse, violence, and discrimination, but her words are ones the world certainly needs to hear. Rui Kaur is not afraid to tell the truth- something she does page by page in her book Milk and Honey.

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