Ways To Practice Self-Love From The 5 Love Languages
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All The Ways To Love Yourself This World Mental Health Day, Using The 5 Love Languages

You've got this, you deserve all the self-compassion.

All The Ways To Love Yourself This World Mental Health Day, Using The 5 Love Languages

The five love languages were originally developed to explain how partners give and crave love, but it doesn't stop there. You can most definitely use all of the love languages – physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and quality time – on yourself because loving yourself first is the most important part of life.

Think about the three people you care about the most. Did you think about yourself, first? If not, it's time to step up your love and self-care game.

You've got this, you deserve all the self-compassion, and here are some ways to use the five love languages on yourself.

1. Physical touch

Ever since we are born, we crave touch because it helps soothe our stress. So, buy that weighted blanket, body pillow, or once in a lifetime massage! Even better, hug yourself, kiss yourself, touch yourself. *wink wink*

2. Words of affirmation

There are so many ways to tell yourself, "Hey you, you're amazing, intelligent, strong, and deserving." Put up post-it notes around your mirror, set up reminders on your phone that read, "You mean the world to me," and write down a mantra every single day for yourself. The more you remind yourself of these positive statements, the good vibes will be released from your brain to fight off stress.

3. Acts of service

Write a letter to your future self, allocate your work, make yourself your favorite meal, organize your room, and make that doctor's appointment because you deserve to help yourself, too!

4. Receiving gifts

Some people love buying things for others, but it's time to turn that compassion around to yourself. Buy yourself flowers, grab a bite to eat all on your own, and order that pair of full-priced Free People jeans you've been eyeing.

5. Quality time

Spend some alone time with yourself. You don't have to take yourself out on a date, you can stay home, put a face-mask on, take a long shower or bath, and just Netflix and chill with yourself.

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