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All the Single Ladies
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Boyfriends are over-rated. I would know because I have never had one and I’m alive and semi-well. I tend to kind of be the middle man in a lot of relationships because I have never had to worry about my own. That sounded really sad/ pathetic writing it out, but yeah, I guess its true. All my friends at some point have dated or hooked up, and there I am behind the scenes fixing things or at least trying to (and failing); but I have seen it all and can give somewhat valid advice through all “my” relationship experience. I am notoriously, chronically single and I joke about it, I don’t take it seriously at all. And you shouldn’t take it seriously either. Who the hell cares?! And if you are in a healthy relationship or just fucking around, good for you too! But, I have plenty of other things to express my love to on the lovely February 14th. Why is there so much hatred for valentines day? I feel like its so ground-breaking to hear the words “ I like valentines day” from a girl who was born single and thats about the only constant in her life. I love lots of people and today is the day to tell them that! Or it! Whatever it is you love, express it! Also my mama happens to kill the presents every year as well as the bitmojis sent from my grandparents spreading their love. So, don’t be down and posting memes about how single you are and how stupid valentines day is. Instead, remember what you love in life and who loves you, and celebrate that! I think the stigma around valentines day has led to a lot of girls feeling down about themselves just because they don’t have a Christian Grey in their lives. But realistically no one is judging you and you shouldn’t be judging yourself. Valentines day is just like any other day except your Instagram newsfeed is just more annoying and sappy. Lets not forget about February 15th when Walgreens chocolate is hella cheap! Celebrate your gal pals and families and guy friends and favorite things on v-day, and everyday, don’t focus on the “negative” of not having a boyfriend/ girlfriend/ whatever. I am a VERY pessimistic person but I have learned that no one really cares about your relationship status except you, so just keep on being hot and single! The only reason people would care is if you gave them permission to; to avoid this stay confident and sexy and don't give a shit about any one else's relationships. Self love is just as important as any relationship as well, and a lot of girls tend to forget about that, especially around valentines day. Your soul mate is out there somewhere, they probably just think you are out of their league and are nervous to approach your sexy tush. Or they are in the library studying hard to become a billionaire entreprenuer to help support your family and beach house in Hawaii one day. All in all, love whatever/whoever makes you happy and never lose sight of the importance of loving yourself before anything else. So, here is a poem of appreciation for the things that make my heart whole, for all my valentines: #independentwoman #whodon’tneednoman

trader joes parmesan cheese, sprinkle your self all over my pasta please.

when you melt and congeal, love is all i can feel.

a close friend of mine, chicken nuggets you are fiiiinnnneee.

i love all your shapes and sizes, dipped in honey mustard, the sexual tension rises.

purple, yellow, and pink, NOLA sunsets u make my heart sink.

matching pjs , i could wear the same pair for days

so many patterns so many fuzzies you will always be my true loviez

apple juice, i could never forget you, i drink more of you than water, i swear I’m not 2

chinese food on a sunday night, my mood with you is just right

my dog, or any dog for that matter, when i see you i feel as good as i do eating cake batter

snapchat, my favorite app, your just as good as a long ass nap

ed sheeran and your bright red locks , everything about you and your music rocks

the beach, the sun, and a nice summer day, you aren’t here always, but your still my bae

this is getting kind of long and weird, but i just want to say, even if you single like me, valentines day is OK

look at all i love? and the list goes on, but i am lazy and I’m gonna move along

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