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On Lake Winnepesaukee.

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Sometimes we need to retreat from the fast, adrenaline pumping, stressful lives that we lead and find some solace and comfort at a place where we can forget about our troubles and cherish the little things that we rarely have the chance to think about. So where is that place exactly? For me, it is a place where soft golden sand tickles our feet, where massive blue water slaps the sides of the boat and soaks us in cold liquid that helps us fend off the heat. A place where smiles are plentiful, where fond memories are born and bonds are strengthened. A cozy home beside a majestic lake called Lake Winnipesaukee: a lake that boasts so many more activities than the small little town in Massachusetts that I also happen to reside in. So now of course, you are probably wondering what exactly there is to do at a lake house and why is it such a pleasant place to begin with?

Well, for starters, where there’s water, there’s bound to be fish. And for any fishing fanatic out there, you won’t miss any chances of catching some huge fish to show off to your friends and family and to dine on. You’ll also have 27 miles of crystal clear waters to explore, including all the scattered islands and the best places to find fish. Oh don’t worry, for if fishing isn’t your thing, the possibilities are endless while on Lake Winnipesaukee.

What’s the one thing that people will do when they encounter water? Swim of course! And no need to fret if you do not happen to own a house on the lake, for there are plenty of sand bars to anchor your boat and take a plunge to cool off. I can just feel the refreshing texture and temperature of the water that helps that sticky and icky humidity slither off your skin like a snake. And while at the sand bar, you can swim around aimlessly, play catch, and jump off the boat. And if that is not enough to help you cool down, then ice cream will definitely do the trick!

For me and my family, ice cream is definitely the drug that we cannot get enough of, no matter how hard we try. And luckily we have many favorite destinations to flock to in order to quench our craving for some creamy, smooth ice cream that will most certainly fill our bellies up. There are also many restaurants of many different types of food, which you can get to by both boat and car. Speaking of boating, that is another activity that you can revel in while on Lake Winnipesaukee.

Boating. I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is braving the roaring waves and zooming around on top of the water for hours on end. Yes, that is something that you can do, but there are two other activities that involve a boat that our family participates in. These are tubing, where the gutsiest of us sail like leaves after thrashing around and holding on for dear life, facing the mischief of the boat driver and Mother Nature of course. And lastly, there is water skiing, where you can perform thousands of face plants as you attempt to bounce from a seated position and fly across the waves.

Now I’m fully aware that I have only touched upon the activities that we do during the summer months, for there is an equal abundance of activities to do on Lake Winnipesaukee in the winter, such as skiing and snowmobiling. And just as I said earlier, when you live in a small town with very limited access to fun activities and grow tired of having to visit neighboring towns to enjoy yourself, there’s nothing better than a quick escape to the lake where the possibilities are truly endless.

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