All-black outfits are in season every season. They can do no wrong--everything matches, accessories can be simple or bold, and most importantly, you look like a bad ass when you wear one. Whether you go a la Wednesday Addams or Victoria Beckham, all-black everything is a surefire to way to look like a total babe. Today we are going to learn a lesson from the impeccable Selena Gomez on how to rock all black for any occasion.

(Wednesday has never been more right.)

The key to an incredible all-black outfit is to stay away from powdered donuts. Other than that there is no way to have a "bad" one (that should be generalized to all outfits, you can't have a bad outfit if you like it). In all honesty, black outfits work best when you pick unique pieces that you feel comfortable in. Black jeans are always a good starting point and trapeze dresses have made major appearances on fashionistas everywhere. Black outfits are a great way to put a spotlight on funky shoes or an amazing bag. Take Selena as an example, she somehow, flawlessly, did both.

As fall comes into full swing, layers are a great way to add depth and texture to a monochrome garb, and as previously mentioned, everything matches--literally everything. It's amazing, you can pick any two pieces and they will go together. Scarves, sweaters, flowy tops, anything--truly life-changing. Selena pulls off all black with the best of them, even in fall weather. Look at the layers! The scarf! The heels! Artful accessories!

Black outfits are a great way to experiment with edgier and riskier pieces that you may be afraid of styling. All black makes everything chic and creates clean lines, making you look more put together than you feel. Take Selena's London 2014 look, just casual in a set sent from the heavens and neon pumps. In any other color, it might be overwhelming to have this much skin showing, but black just makes it work.

Selena stunted on us all again in London this year with this leather masterpiece showing us how truly versatile black can be when you want to try something a little different.

Here's another bonus all-black look from Selena's recent escapades in London that is truly stunning.

All black is always in style and even better, you can't tell when you spill something on yourself (something that happens embarrassingly often, to be honest). All of this is well and good, but the components of a black outfit do not make the outfit. The power of an all-black outfit lies in the mystique and confidence it belays onto whoever wears it. Anyone who has worn an all-black outfit knows how it adds a little spring to their step and an air of mystery to their persona. All-black outfits make everything a little easier, and a whole lot better. As Neiman Marcus so eloquently said, "women who wear black lead colorful lives."