Aliens Probably Exist
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Aliens Probably Exist

I can't be proven right, but you also can't prove me wrong.

Aliens Probably Exist

Answer me this. Do you believe in intelligent life on other planets? I mean, it sometimes seems that we barely harbor intelligent life on our own planet; how then, could it be found elsewhere? In all seriousness, let’s put this into context. I’m referring to intelligent life as beings who can walk around, communicate, think, experience emotions, so on and so forth.

There are those who don't believe in extraterrestrial life on the basis of their religion. They believe that god, whatever god that may be, crafted human beings and planet earth with such delicate care, so as to make us the proverbial center of the universe, the only significant lifeforms within it. Some believe, on the basis of science, that extraterrestrial life cannot exist because it would defy the laws of nature as we understand them. There are others who simply don’t believe in aliens because there’s no hard evidence to prove their existence, which is also a completely reasonable stance. What I’m saying here is not that any one group is wrong; just that I have an opinion on the subject which I haven’t encountered very often.

Many people would agree that the biggest piece of evidence denouncing the existence of extraterrestrial life is the understanding that living organisms need to exist within a precipitous range of the correct amount of sunlight, oxygen and water. That line of reasoning suggests that without the proper amount of those elements, or too much of them, the number of places within our observed universe capable of supporting intelligent life dwindles to one pale, blue dot.

Bear with me now. If we exist in the perfect conditions for our species to thrive, yet we’re unable to survive in atmospheres filled with carbon monoxide or absolute nitrogen, isn’t it possible for other intelligent organisms elsewhere to survive on carbon while being debilitated by oxygen? I understand you have to maintain a certain suspension of disbelief, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more it makes sense to me.

There’s been too many lights in the sky, too many alleged abductions, too many anal probes to simply discount the existence of aliens. The same way the theory of intelligent life on other planets can’t be proven, it can’t yet be disproven, which as I understand it, is the staple of any substantial scientific hypothesis. Take this for what it is. I’m no scientist, and I have no interest in majoring in any of the sciences. I just enjoy voicing my opinion on subjects of which I have no authority or credibility. All of this being said, take it with a grain of salt. No matter what side of the debate you fall on, have fun with it. We have more pressing matters to attend to here on Earth, like which really came first? The chicken, or the egg? What the hell was going on in Lost? How did Donald Trump become the GOP nominee for the presidency? I fail to understand any of this.

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